Divine MotherLife Redemption Soul Cleanse

Now there is a Way FREE from the effects of selling your Soul for wealth, fame, or fortune through the Grace of the Infinite Divine Mother of Life.

I was called by the Divine Mother of Unconditional LOVE and Devotion ... to Create this Opportunity for You! If you are upon this page, You know why you are here.

You may be living through a life threatening diagnosis, you may be ill, you may have lost everything of REAL VALUE to You, you may be suffering from things that others would think you were crazy if you told them, you may have had to do things that hurt yourself or others, you may be haunted by your actions, You may be fearful, isolated, and feel desperately alone. You may have negative thoughts plaguing you night and day. You may feel there is no way out of your suffering. You may have been manipulated into actions that fuel powers in this world that are engaged in active harm and more ... (In which you are energetically and powerfully connected to and fuel from your very life force) You may be becoming awake to the choices and bargains you made with your very Soul to innocently have and experience the seeming freedom of a life of wealth. You may have known something wasn't quite right, yet the benefits seemed to far outweigh the cost. 

You may have realized recently or even a long time ago (just buried it to carry on) ... that you unknowingly sacrificed something so essential and necessary for You, for the Essence of Your Life ... This one decision and all that followed may have cost you nearly everything ... 

No matter what has happened up to now, we can heal, change timelines and transform it back into LOVE!

I want you to know, that You are LOVED Unconditionally ... You are here for Amazing Miraculous things you have yet to even fathom. You are Worthy of this Redemption, Healing, Freedom ... You can go forward and make the Positive Difference in this world that you were created to make.

The powerful Impacts and Effects of your Life choices and investments can be not only reversed, they can be completely released, as if they were never created in the first place. (and, you can KEEP the WEALTH and DO GOOD things with it that make YOU feel AMAZING!)

This is one of my deepest services, and most expensive. This is the most intensive service in the restoration of your very Life. This changes everything.

We open your Depth Immersion as soon as payment is received. This will be silent and distant for a duration determined by your Soul, likely 22-44 days, then we will unite and radically shift into Your New Life! ... you will receive personal and direct email access to me 24/7. You are free to email me at any time day or night with any concerns, and I receive notice and respond immediately, silently. If I am guided to speak to you or reply to your email I will. You will be receiving depth supernatural support delivered through my Love, Attention, and Devotion to You ... 

Rest Assured ... Your Privacy and Protection is of utmost importance in Your Transformation ... No one will will know unless you decide to share your experience.

I stand only as a point of LOVE in Divine Service to You... We are here to Assist You ... to Restore Your Soul Essence, Redeem Your Spirit, and Rejuvenate Your Magical Life!

You can Be Free!

This Offer requires Wealth in order to partake of. It was designed to Serve those who have achieved financial and material wealth, who are in desperate need to restore their Life from the impacts set in motion through the acquisition of wealth ... many of which are not made clear or known until after we complete this powerful work together.  

To request Secure Payment details please contact Jyoti's assistant  HERE!  

Your Immersion Opens instantly as payment is received.


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