Liberate Your Self

Liberate Your Self and Live Love like never before!

This is The True Journey You came here for.

The veils of our conditioned perspectives, responses, thoughts, and feelings are thick, seductive, and ultimately untrue. It is time to see beyond the veils of Our conditioning and BEcome Awake to the Wellspring of Our Love, Power, Energy, and Awareness.

This conditioning runs you, until it doesn’t. 

Your Conditioned Survival Patterns of Perception cause you to think, feel, act and behave in harmful polarized ways. These polarized extremes can easily turn to war, even when you may think you are doing the "right" or "loving" thing. How many people have killed, attacked, and justified horrific acts of violence in the name of "God" or "Love"?

Its not what your mind sees, its what the filters of your perception are telling you. This is what you perceive as real.

Where did this come from?

Your Programming and Unconscious Memory begins at conception, as your Soul is chosen to inhabit. Your Soul has loads of constellations of preprogrammed dispositions and experiences, which you are ultimately here to resolve, free, and heal. However, these constellations set the stage for your formative childhood experiences. These early life experiences, from conception to age 7, create and install your survival programming, conditioning, and patterns. If not addressed, these constellations lead to unknowingly perpetuating the dysfunctional world we see surrounding us, and our unhealthy ways of dealing with the insanity we misperceive as Life. This is actually non-life, as wherever structure rules, severe polarity, dysfunction, separation, and suffering exist.

Relationships provide the most fertile soil for becoming awake to our conditioning. When in relationship, we see, feel and experience the limitations we are perpetuating. We can notice that over-giving is self destructive. We can see that our denial, blame, conditions, and projections hurt and limit us, and others. 

We can wake up and discover the Magic of Life, the Miracle of Love, and the Wild Innocent Wonder of All Life ... Now. Today. We can stop driving the vehicle of dysfunction, conditioning, actions and automatic responses. 

We can Choose to experience True Love, which is Who we Truly Are, beyond the world’s false definitions of love. Dysfunctional relationship love really says “I need you to fill this void within me, I need you to act and behave in specific ways that make me feel valuable, seen, significant, happy and secure. If/when you stop loving me in this way, You are horrible, cruel, selfish, the devil incarnate. Love can turn to hate." Love in this regard is actually need, coercion, dependency, conditional, and not Love. This is how you know it is false love. 

True Love has no opposite. 

True Love is Equally Self Love and Love for Each Other.

All Love begins with Self. 

Self acknowledgement, self awareness, self love. SEEing Who You actually Are, and therefore seeing with fresh awareness all who stand before you in relationship.

Its time to Know the Truth Beloved One … Together, we Lift and Dissolve the Veils of Conditioning that keep you stuck in unhealthy believing, perceiving, projecting, thinking, feeling and Creating that lead to self abuse, destructive relational patterns, unhealthy self talk, unhealthy living conditions, abuse, neglect, rage, hate, war.


It is time to LIVE FREE. As You … the Real You that You may have not been able to perceive since you were a very young child. As a child you still had access to Your Infinite Self who fully chose this Life experience. You are in Truth an Infinite Being of Love who is experiencing a temporary human life journey with a sacred vital meaningful and beautiful purpose. 

Now lets get on with the Joyous Freedom and Fulfillment of Your Divine Purpose by first remembering Who You Are.

Your Magic is still alive! I promise! And here in this 4 week journey we unite to retrieve it! We clear the way for Your Innate Gifts of Intuition, of Self Healing, of Courage, of Sovereign Illumination, of Spiritual Strength  ... so You can Know, See, Feel, Witness, Love and Live Your Magnificent Self ... Your Magnificent Truth, and Wholly, Tenderly, Reverently Love your Self ... Fully living with Access to Your True Self, Inner Knowing, Power, Magic, Clarity, Innocence, Curiosity, Wonder, Love, Joy, Happiness and Unconditional Love! This is when and only when True Relationships are possible. Self Love and Healing Restorative Awareness come first.

“And the little children shall lead us …” 

To Once again Be ChildLIke … FREE ... Enraptured in Love and Wild Innocent Wonder … Living in Relationship with Your Precious Infinite Self. Yes, Beloved One, You joyously and whole-heartedly chose this amazing embodied life experience. You chose this for a vital purpose that requires your return to Your unique expression of Childlike Innocent Wonder ... of Absolute Unconditional Love, Clear Compassionate Knowing, and BEing Embodied ... beyond all illusion. You are absolute Magic. You are a Miracle ... Living and Breathing ... Miracle ... Can You feel this? 

How do You feel?

If you are feeling overwhelmed or burdened by your relationships... If feel like an "unconditionally loving martyr" eclipsed by an inner drive to over-give and invest yourself 100% in relationships where you are unmet ... (You are not here to fix, heal, or please others ... You are here to unveil the full Radiance of Your Being ... and this is an opportunity of contrast to Who You Are ... inspiring You to Wake Up and Walk toward 100% Self Love!)

If you find yourself saying YES to the needs and desires and possibly even demands of others … even when you feel "no" or unclear … (This is a wake up call to say YES to Your Self First ... asking what am I seeking to get by saying yes? What void am I filling in the wrong way?)

If you feel alone or unworthy, or inadequate ... If You seek external validation, love, support ... (You are seeking for external validation, missing the Beauty, Joy, Miracles, and Magic of Your Own internal Revelation! )

If You are living out unhealthy or unsustainable patterns in your relationships ... If You are over-giving? Burned out? Stressed? Unmet? Unseen? Unheard? ... (This is Your Divine Wake Up Call!)

If You are living these (or other - there are many) relational patterns in any area of your life - work, home, family, marriage, love relationships, friends, etc...  your conditioning is running the show rather than Your Truth. This can never lead to anything good, even if it looks good on the surface, and you delude yourself into thinking that your self abusive actions are of valuable service to others. 

Healthy relationships are naturally born from Self Love. Not from self sacrifice. 

If your relationships are not Freeing You, Inspiring You to grow, thrive, and come more alive … they are killing you slowly, or possibly quickly if you are in need of replenishment and restoration .. and you keep the dysfunction going anyway. I know, you do it because you believe it is “good” ... “right” to "love" and "help" and "heal" … and YES, that is True … when it IS, actually True. 

If You give to get something, that is not giving. if You give to fulfill the expectations of others, this is not giving. 

What is True Giving in Relationship? 

Knowing Your Self as the Miracle You are ... Self Compassion, Honoring, Being Generous and Present with Yourself ... this naturally extends to others. Loving yourself means you can truly Love others. You can only love others to the depth you love your Self. You can only receive Love to the depth of Your Self Love. Self Love is really Awakened Awareness of the True Nature of Life.

Here, judgment falls away. Love grows. Everywhere. 

Here, any challenge ... becomes a beautiful opportunity ... with the inner Capacity to Love Free any residual conditioning that surfaces in the events of Life.

As You Receive Access and Communion with Your Magnificent, Magical, Miraculous, Radiant Beautiful Self ... You naturally live from an overflowing cup, where you Live in True Joyous Service of Love to all of Life! 

And, fortunately You can Receive Immediate Support ... as our 4 Week Silent Immersion begins with Your completed investment Below!

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Liberate Your Miraculous True Self

Here is just a tiny moment of Liberation Encoded for You to Experience ... from my LOVE ... Until we unite and Deep Dive in yOur Liberated Unity!


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