This is a Wake Up Call.

Beloved, We are in the midst of a TransFormation (Trans-Format-ion) where the world we have known will no longer BE the way it was.

Everything before Now Provides No Indication or Direction of what is to come, nor How to THRIVE upon Our New Earth Now and in the Moments ahead.

Everything we have relied upon for our daily functioning is about to change.

It is already beginning the stages of Trans-Formation ... (trans-format-ion)

There are dark ones in control of the structures and functional systems of our world. Period. There are many layers, levels and depths to these illusions (Ill-US-Ions) and if you are just ready for MORE LIGHT ACCESS...and In-Body-Meant ... This will be Provided for You without reading the paragraph below! Only read this paragraph below if you understand the Truth that is actually happening ... many are not yet ready ... and if this is True for You ... I LOVE YOU... I HONOR YOU and I accept You as Perfect exactly as You are!  You do not need to know until You are Ready and Capable of Holding the Light in the midst this darkness we have all be living under!

The "dark ones" who have long been in control of our world's governing and human control "functional systems" ... such as: World "Health" Organizations, world banking/ monetary systems/structures, Utility Management control monopolies/systems - oil/gas/electricity/WATER, Legal systems/structures, Law enforcement systems/structures, military systems/structures, educational systems/structures, health (sick) care systems/structures, pharmaceutical structure monopolies, global corporations/corporate corruption, human services, (human trafficking /child sex trafficking/ sex slave trade systems) etc...  Things that would make us all feel sick ... they are happening ... now. And we UNKNOWINGLY support them by the way we live off of their systems. Right Now. We have Un-Knowingly given our power away to these dark structures through our "agreement by participation" in their systems of control over us. (not knowing the source,  or intent behind any of these imprisioning (I'm-PRISON-ing) methods that nearly everyone goes along with... not Knowing ... there is another Way ...

Most ALL of humanity has agreed by participation (to be controlled by these dark energy structures) which is consistenly fed through a stream of false information appearing real... which is further supported by the mind-control media, and all the structures of control over our basic human rights to living, healthy, clean unadulterated food, water, sun, sky, safety, shelter, comfort, sleep, home, sanctuary, community, love.

There are controlling families and corporations who operate through dark power structures in power over the people have manipulated this reality 

The old structures in charge of money, education, health care /sick-care, control, society, systems, countries, are dying.


Thank GOD!!

You are Here for a Vital Purpose ... One that will ensure the Vast Quantum Transformation of LOVE's Dominion over Life once again! Freed from dark energy structures of control, manipulation, abuse, damage, enslavement!

We have been awaiting You Beloved ... 

Join Here! (below)

We are here to Support You ... Love You ... Honor You ...Open the Sacred Divine Love Way Forward ... Awaken the Powerful Love You Are ... the Powerful Unique Divine Light Expression that You Are ... to Unite with Us ... and step fully and completely into this World of Our Love Creation Now. and Now. and Now.

We are here to Co-Create and Man-I-Fest the Beautiful World Our Heart's Know is Possible!

Please ... come... please bring your skills, your gifts, your service, your love ... Your HOPE ... Your Presence!

We need GOD in YOU to show up and Man-I-Fest the Love and Destiny You were Created to fulfill in this now moment!

(This is NOT the "God" of Religion ... this is the GOD of the IAM that Only You can BE)

Your Skills are needed Here!

Your Inspirations are needed Here!

Your Passions are needed Here!

Your Love is needed Here!

Your Presence is Needed Here!

Your Destiny Awakens and Activates Here as You Join Us!

Please Email Us Here:

Attn: LOVE DESTINY to: jyoti@miraclesmanifestnow.com

We will be in touch with You Beloved!

You Matter!

We have been awaiting You!

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