Heal Trauma Instantly

The 21 Day Program Together

As we begin .. from Day ONE (the day you say YES!!) Together ... we join together for 21 days and Release Trauma held within the cells of Your body ... and eliminate the cause in the Soul Constellations you are here to release! Instantly ... PERMANENTLY ... 

We continue over the course of 21 days ... silently allowing the Hidden Traumas to surface ... addressing Your deepest childhood (and beyond) traumas and wounds ... both known and unknown ... conscious and unconscious .. that are impacting your life now.

You are invited to repeat this program as many times as you are inspired and inner directed ... as each time we address the next level ...

I Am here to make this accessible and affordable to You at the level you are able to participate!

The True Value of this Service is $11K plus ... (and in many/most cases $111,111!)

I am currently (temporarily) offering You the option to receive this work at the reduced rate of $1111 per 21 days of Service to you ... 

If You are ready to Value this Service and this financial investment is not possible for You ... Please send your inquiry to riverofmiracles@gmail.com ATTN: RELEASE TRAUMA 

I AM here ... to see and assist You to BE FREE!

I Love You!


Heal and Erase Trauma

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