Beloved You Are Free!

TheTransmissions and The Immersion

FREE of fear ... In times of viral pandemic, plague, collapse of the structures you currently depend upon, chaos, death, destruction, suffering, loss, uncertainty … ALL of it.

We are entering a Whole New World... where what You have known before Now will not work. Where what was effective and dependable is no longer valid.

(**Warning… this isn’t for everyone. If you are a follower, attached to fear, feeling like a victim, this is not for You. If you seek "safe" mainstream narratives, traditional and socially acceptable methods, this is not for You. If You believe in the mainstream corporate media narratives, this is not for You. If You want to stand-in judgment of others, play sides and make others wrong for their choices, this is not for You. (everyone is making decisions based upon the BEST of what they hold true and dear... we are not here to judge ... we are here to LOVE!)

This IS for You if ... 

If You are Open, Curious, Willing to expand beyond all boundaries you may have identified with before now (BEAUTIFUL BRAVE CLEAR SOUL!!)... This is right up your alley! If You are tired of feeling helpless, powerless, ineffective, sick, limited, lied to/ (or only half-truth revealed), confused, compromised, hopeless, or lost ... You are in the Right Place ... If you are ready to finally Stand in Your Own God-Given True Power and Blossom even now within these crazy times... Read On!

No matter what you Now Believe ... The Miracle is Available Right Now.

Truth is …

We have ALL been living in an illusion, we have been lied to. 

 We are living within powerful pre-destined times that are right on schedule! 

Our human mind has been Programmed to Believe, Follow, and Stand For many things that are NOT TRUE, that do not serve You, Us, or any part of Life. 

You are Being Called to Awaken and BE the Miracle You Chose to BE before Your birth into this Life.

Beloved, You are not your circumstances … You have been Hijacked ... this is why You see Your Self/ Your Life as "Your circumstances" ... This is only possible because we have been hijacked to SEE/FEEL/EXPERIENCE it this way! 

You Are the Actual Creator of the Circumstances of Your Life, even if you have been creating unconsciously in fate’s programming (which Yes, We have been programmed for). There are many “lines” and “Strings” of (programmed) possibilities that wire together to form Streams of experiences that lead to Specific Destinations of Manifest Experiences. Most of these destinations have been pre-destined for us within our sleeping human state.

If ever there were a time ...  Now is the Time for You ... to Wake Up to the Reality of Who You Really Actually Are … If this Speaks to You ... You are READY to Know and BE the Truth ... the Source of Your Life’s Unfolding … 

If this is You … keep reading.

What If You KNEW that You already had ACCESS to the Elegant Solution(s) to EVERY Challenge(s) you face … 

How would your life be different? 

Right Now? How would You feel?

If You knew that whatever came your way … 

You already had the Inner Access and Ability to END it…

How would you feel?

What if these problems ARE / were Life and Death Possibilities? They Are.

Yes. You Can have Direct Access to TRANSFORM ... into Your DESTINY, and by so doing... turn on the Access Codes necessary for others to Awaken!

And while we cannot create in another persons Reality without their permission .. Once we HAVE the Inner Access and Ability ... We are then able to Offer Our Palpable Miracles of Love, Service, Support, Wisdom, Compassion … which can Be-Come the Way Free for those You Serve! You can even Ignite these Awakening Access Codes in others and Experience Abundance like never before! (I will be offering a specific training for this as well!)

This is what WE came Here for!

To LIVE into Being ... the Solution to ALL problems ... from our mis-creations.


The True Healing Solution in Life is Simple and Complete.

If it’s complex - it comes from the past, from the limited mind. And will not work, at least not in a comprehensive way. It will leave parts and pieces unresolved... causing an endless need for more and more focus upon problems and putting out continual fires. Distorted through Life raging on … this is how most people actually live.

The Only True Solution is Now.

It Lives within this Moment, all You need is to KNOW how to reliably access it.

We are entering a Whole New World... where what You have known before Now will not work. Where what was effective and dependable is no longer valid.

You will be forced to Change, to Transform, to Evolve and Become Who You Really Are ... 

Where Your Access Lives ... the Way Free Opens from here ...which may be far beyond what you right now have the capacity to understand, or even imagine.

In attempting "go on" as before,You will suffer greatly.

If you are faithfully practicing what you have been trained to do, even the most "advanced" healing techniques, tools and schools... You will be INCAPABLE of Sourcing the Living Access necessary. Your mind and life force energy will continue to loop within the database of what has come before  … Which no longer has the Answer to what we are facing now!) 

Even the most well-meaning, advanced, healing modalities in the world cannot touch what is unfolding now. 

In the Mind ...You are seeking where You cannot find. You are stuck in the past and will be ineffective in accessing the Now Living Breathing Solution to the problem(s) You face right now. THIS is exactly why even advanced healing methods cannot provide what is needed Now.

The Elegant Comprehensive Whole and Complete Solution is Alive... and is accessible to You right now. In fact it lives within You, in this Right Now Moment. We simply tap into the Wisdom, the Higher Knowing that already Lives within us right now. 

This Knowing Access within You may have been long dismissed, buried, or denied by the circumstances of your childhood. 

When You were a Child you Absolutely Knew. 

Despite all unfortunate events, You Knew. 

Despite all the preplanned traumas and crimes committed against you by the forces of darkness. Yes, there were many … many that attempted to take away Your Inherent Power as a Creator and Love Being…

All of this may have temporarily eclipsed You from Your True Power.

NO LONGER! Not on my watch!

This Wild Innocent Magical Wonder Miracle Child still Lives within You. (Despite all odds!!)

Your Magic Is still Alive within You…

It’s time to call this TRUTH-that-changes-everything into the Light and Presence of our Current Moment Awareness! 

It’s Time to Wake Up Beloved Powerful Creator!!!

Look and Feel beyond the previous limits the "understood" ...



Collapse the distance.

Feel it now.

It Lives within the Breath ... Breathing You Now.

Opening the Magnetic Magic Nation within Your Community of Living Cells. 

Here You Open and change what is Possible ... Accessible for All.

Open the Cell straight down into the atom … the sub atomic particles … the waves of Light that emanate to You and from You as the Precious Gift of Life bestowed upon You … given freely to You upon Conception … Now it’s time to learn how to Use them for the Miracles You were born to Manifest.

Want to Know more?

Invest in YOU here. You choose how deep you are ready to dive! 

For Pay-In-Full Claim it Now FREEDOM:                                                                  For Pay-in-Installments Claim it Now FREEDOM Subscribe Here:


We are here to Ignite and Re-Member Who You Really Are … Deep Diving TooGATHER in UNIFIED Wholeness … 

Or ... You can begin slowly… receive a Living Transmission to Ignite Your Re-Membering first.

You can choose at ANY MOMENT BE-LOVED … to move from powerless victim, suffering, lacking, pain and fear into Who You Really Are as a Creator.

As long as IAM Sourced to offer this Sacred Service, I will. There is no urgency on my part. You will come to it when You have decided that You have suffered enough… and You are ready to Live something else.

When You De-Side, (stop standing under suffering / Center Neutral) The Miraculous Way Will Open to You.

The Elegant Miraculous Soul-You-tion BE-Comes Accessible to You, from the InSide Out. Most people require a bit of Support to Inner-Stand what is happening and how to Expand Life from here.

It’s complete.

It’s comprehensive.

It takes All Factors into account (beyond what your conscious mind has access to!)

It has a local as well as a Global Effect.

It Trans-Forms Your Reality from the In-Side-Out.

No more need to “problem solve” at least not in the former way.

Things come up in Life to expand Your Awareness, Your Knowing … Your Power… Your Truth… Your Magic … and most importantly … Your Love.


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