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Welcome to New Life as I turn 50 cycles around the Sun! 

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1. Gratefully Give a Birthday Gift to me in Love, and Joy! Receive a Gift of Gratitude from me (its a surprise!)

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Here's HOW to Participate ...

1. Give a Gift - Receive a Surprise Gift in Gratitude from me:  

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INSPIRATIONS: Gift Card * Gift Card * Gift Card * Gift Card  * Something handmade, or heartfelt from your Heart! * Yuba Spicy Curry Electric Bike: * Video Recording Studio Setup for YouTube and Vimeo Videos! (I use an older iPhone) *A California Home! * Sprinter Family Camping Van! * A Durango Colorado Family Home with Land!* A Live-In EcoRetreat Center to Host Our Miracle Temple, Live Events, Rejuvenation Retreats, Live Treatments, Sound Healing Studio, Dance Studio, Art Studio!  * Gifts of SERVICE: Website design and management * Membership Website Creation * Attorney - Legal Services * Loving Present Child Care * Nanny * Chef * Event Planner * Business Manager * Accounting/Bookkeeping *  Massage * Chiropractic Care * Living Juices Daily *  Home/Life/Business Management * Kids Events * Dance Party Planning and Space * Party Planning * Community Family of Support to Share Life and Holidays and Sacred Moments Together! * and what Your Heart is calling You to BE! in Service...

2. The 3 Wishes Gift Magic Program:

Gift to Support me: to Jyoti Amma Sophia or Western Union Jyoti Conradi Durango Colorado or cash/check by mail (the amount you feel inspired) and Receive 3 Wishes! (*These can be BIG or small Wishes!! *Details and Access granted upon successful receipt of Gift)

3. New Life Transformation Living Transmission and Encoded Video!

This Special Transmission is taking place LIVE on 9919 @ 9am ... and if You Sign Up now, You will receive it LIVE with me ... It will remain Live, Living and accessible for all who sign up for ONE YEAR (maybe longer?)! So, if you cannot say YES to it now ... it will be here waiting for You when You are ready! The Investment to Receive this LIFE CHANGING Transmission is based upon the Fibonacci sequence of numbers in all of Masterful Creation ... where You choose the Magical Power of the Transformation You are Ready to Receive in Your Life Now!

9919 Transmission Choose Your Fibonacci Level of Transformation

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