22 Day Immersions

Within these 22 Day Immersion Programs ... You are given the opportunity to receive deeply, to marinate in the Love, Devotion, and BEing of Your chosen area for 22 whole days and nights 24/7 - where Magic, Miracles, and Bliss can become your Life ... Here... You can resonate, match and expand beyond where you have been before... You Tune Within and Become One with the Frequencies, Love, Devotion, and Essence of that which You are ready to become.

The Miracle Heart Activation

This 22 Day Immersion Opens, Activates, and Expands the Sacred Miracle Heart function in your life. Your Miracle Heart is a Divine Gateway and Domain of experiencing Life from the expansive Knowing and Bliss of the Sacred Heart. Things look and feel perceptively renewed within this embodied Powerful Experience. This is our most popular 22 Day Immersion ever. It has changed more lives than any other!

YES! I am ready to Receive My Miracle Heart Activation!

Miracle Heart Activation Immersion


The Path to Freedom awaits You Beloved ... There is a Miracle ... actually, Many Miracles awaiting you now.

Together, we surrender to the Divine ... all that is in your field and life that has held you back, limited you ... kept you from seeing and experiencing the LIFE that is HERE for You to Experience in ever expanding Love, Joy, Peace, and Presence... Revealing an Awakened Truth of You.

As we fully Surrender in Communion with the Divine Assistance offered here ... Your Abundance returns, Your Life is Restored, You are Rejuvenated ... as if by MAGIC! It happens so rapidly is nearly untraceable by the mind ... You simply unfold and Blossom in moments what would have taken a lifetime of sequential unfolding. Here we bypass the need for time, and Open the way for instantaneous transformation ... which allows Your Life's potential to meet you. 

We Surrender and Release all that holds you back and feels thick, dense, stuck, negative, heavy, harsh, sticky, murky, confusing, unclear, old, lacking, needing, weak, lost, lonely, draining, inaccessible, sick, unhealthy, blocking, etc...


It is thorough experiencing, Releasing, and Surrendering ... that we are able to Return to Who we Really Are. We can then experience Genuine Gratitude ... Unconditional Love and accept and receive it all as Love ... we are here to embrace and therefore release our need for the sufferings in our Life. Until we do, we cannot experience how these experiences are actually serving us ... and through these 22 days together you will feel and Receive the Miracles you have so needed to Restore You. You receive Blessings unfathomable. Really.