Beloved ... IAM here for You! Together We Unite!

2020 Miracles 

4 Weeks of Miraculous Support  *  New Sessions every Sunday!

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Welcome Beloved Precious One!!!

IAM so honored to BE Here with You ... Now!! 

I have New in-depth Live Support every Sunday, which is active in supporting you for the whole week! Each Week!

 This keeps your Human Self nurtured, protected, grounded, centered, clear, and aligned with Your Source ... Your Essence... Your Spirit 

We Unite in Unity and Unfold the Magic You came here to BE!

How it works:

 Sunday Transmission with 7 day Light Stream Support - (You can join anytime of the month):

 We Gather On Sunday ... Virtually ... Silently ... There is a Living Transmission that You can feel and receive into Your Life experience. As Long as You are subscribed, this Transmission will be freshly encoded into a hosted Video just for You. (If you do not have computer access, You will receive Your Transmission by special instruction I will provide for You once subscribed.) This Transmission is a Powerful Living Blessing of Grace that keeps You Magnetically Attuned to Your Spirit ... CLEARED FREE of negative / limiting inner and outer (known and unknown) influences, so you can Be Liberated to see, feel, and Know from Your Heart of Eternal Truth ... with Certainty ... what is right and True and Now for You. YOU CAN FEEL IT!

You Feel Loved. (You Are!!)

You can begin to really Feel Your Human Self aligned with Your Eternal Self 

You can feel the RELIEF as Your Human Self is freed from influences ... so You can choose to experience Life, beyond fear.

This Creates Miracles in Your Human Life experience Now and through the Transformation currently underway.

Here, You can BE the Blessing You Are to Life. And ... what You Are returns to you blessed and expanded.

This is Your Time!

This is a service of epic Love and Devotion to You ... where You have the opportunity to invest in at the level you are ready to Receive now.

You cannot receive without your investment. This support is tiered in intensity and depth of Service. Choose the appropriate level of Miraculous Support and Transformation You are capable of and ready to receive. This Support begins on Each Sunday and remains active for 7 days, until the next Sunday Session is completed. This is a monthly Service. If you join before Sunday, You will receive immediate support to carry you through to the Sunday Session.

You choose the depth you are ready and willing to receive ... your investment equals your result. (Your investment is Your Ability to RISE into what magically awaits You!) You decide what You can Trust in!

Once Your investment is received, You will feel an immediate live streaming support to carry You through the challenges you now face ... aligning You instantly with the Love You Are ... that You came here to BE. This will increase as we move forward into our Sunday Sessions.

I am only able to invest my Service to You at the level you claim for yourself. I am no longer given authority to endlessly give to those who do not Claim their Miracle Healing and Support in Dynamic Harmony. (Equal Investment to Reception)

The magic of my Life's Work is that it is silent, potent, immediate, and pierces through any veils seemingly between us ... instantly impacting Your immediate Human Life experience in Miraculous, unpredictable ways.

Choose Your Level of Support here:

20Miracles Weekly Support with Jyoti

**For those unable to invest in this Miracle Support Service at the levels offered... message me on my homepage with Your Inspired Equal Offering of Service, Support, or Love Devotion ... and we will work together to make sure you are aligned to receive all that you need to get you to the next level of Your Precious Life!! 

Here ... in Love and Devotion to You!



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