Welcome to Jyoti’s 

PRIVATE Miracle Immersion!

Your Life will never be the same...

**Jyoti’s Miracle Immersion is not for everyone.  This Intimate 1:1 Immersion is designed to comprehensively support those who are at a Point in Life where this level of Intimate Support is affordable, and the obvious solution to catapult You into and through the difficult challenges You now face. Your Life will dramatically change for the better in ways beyond definition, new life doors and opportunities will come to you in unpredictable ways, means, and flows.   To be considered for this Private Immersion, You must be financially, mentally, and emotionally secure and ready to deep dive into Your Life of Mastery over conditions that stop others.

This is the most Profound Connection and Communion Journey into Life Beyond what was knowable before now!
It will dramatically Transform and Liberate Your Essence to Live Life in Miraculous ways! 

This work is refreshingly and radically unique ... 

There is truly nothing else out there like this!!

Beyond the need for self help strategies, healing/belief "Work", Effort or ego pathways. 
We actually bypass the conscious Mind and Go Direct within Your Source, True Awareness... Awakening deeper and deeper as we unfold!
It unfolds effortlessly and naturally through Grace and Miracles!

Currently offering 3, 6, 9, and 12 Month Private Immersions

*If You would like to be considered for a Group Immersion Please email riverofmiracles@gmail.com (GROUP IMMERSION INTEREST)

"Since our in-depth work together from June 2021 to June 2022, so many things have changed and been transformed. It was wild and amazing to evaluate the true benefits of the support you gave me. And, I look back and see how intensely and profoundly in such a short time as of a year, I have progressed and spiritually evolved as much as I have. Unbelievable, there are no words to describe.
So many new events took place and my life has literally transformed into a calm content and joyful flow. I started to get deep spiritual insights and ability to write it out, and experienced being activated in my own healing abilities and other deeply personal things that I didn't realize were even possible to change and transform. I have gained so much inner knowledge and spiritual insight towards my true Self. I have truly and deeply fallen in love with my self, discovered my joyful life purpose and met my spiritual partner who has freed me from my single life and expanded my boundaries of intimate love , safety and trust. I have gained myself in my true Self and I feel absolutely at peace, joy, bliss, and now understand why I had all those challenges before our work together. 
You have given me that positive current and transformation when I was in need. I am now beginning my life and my spiritual project that I have been hatching for years but had no guts to launch. Now after my personal transformation I feel like a phoenix reborn and I would like to deeply from the core of my being thank you and send you my blessings and love for your service to me, and service to all through your silent humanitarian love and service projects. I will keep in touch with you and update you on my developments. I am currently "downloading" and building the infrastructure of my new business and my new life explorations!  The world feels unlimited to me now! Thank you Jyoti, you have truly allowed miracles to manifest in my life. In great Miracles:-) Hugs!"

Our Private Miracle Immersion Experience is completely Designed and Orchestrated by Source Love, which comprehensively addresses all areas of Life.

3-6-9-12 month one-on-one Immersion Includes:

  • Soul Spirit Communion that informs what best serves in each now moment of Our Journey together (This Journey is not scripted nor planned, it is custom created for You every 24 hours to best ensure the fulfillment of Your Greatest Openings, Miracles, and Opportunities Unique to You)
  • Miracle Live Sessions when needed 
  • 24/7 Support
  • Direct Connection with Jyoti via text
  • And more ... beyond what the mind could plan ... 


  •  Permanent Whole Life Transformation in every aspect of Your Life.
  •  Effortless Alignment and Manifestation of your Greatest Heart's Desires.
  •  Realization of Your Purpose and the Support to Live it.
  •  Inner Knowing of Your Limitless Nature and How to access it.
  •  Freedom from Karmic ties, limitations, blocks and genetic/bloodline limitations
  •  And so much more than we can quantify now~

You will Receive:

  •  Jyoti’s Powerful Assistance, Healing, Support, and Devotion to YOU for the duration of our Immersion together.
  •  Multiple Private Sessions as part of this one-on-one Custom Miracle Immersion Program.
  •  Private access to Jyoti 24/7.
  •  Support via Voice Connection with Jyoti.
  •  An opportunity to attend a Live In-Person VIP Day Together. (in the 6, 9, and 12 month immersions)

Our Expandable Structure:
  • Is determined by Your Specific Needs and Desires and Visions for Your Life! I custom Create this program with You, for You and IN Devotion to You ... free from all preconceived limitations of structure. We will unfold your Path of Greatest Bliss in 12 months together!
  • 30 days of Miracle Immersions - broadcast specific to You and where Your greatest expansion is opening and ripening now...
  • 30 days of Integration, Expansion, and Custom Private Session(s) for Greatest Support, eliminating the need for "processing" - simply Being and Expanding to the Next Level.
  • Alternating each month as required for Your Blissful Expansion in Grace and Ease!

I am here to hold your hand through this journey - no matter what emerges. We expand together, daily in transformation that effortlessly aligns and empowers every area of your life, moment by moment.  This Immersion program bypasses your linear mind, and naturally produces immediate, permanent, lasting Transformation in every area of your life, at the perfect pace for You. You have my Devotion and Love completely!
Love, Jyoti

There is no longer the need for “manifesting” or “creating” things to be different. You gain the awareness of Who You Really Are in your Expanded Self that always Knows from beyond-thought certainty the correct response to every situation. You live as Love, as Trust, in Flow ... this is what Your Life can look and feel like at this level of Miracle Immersion.

You need nothing else outside of you ever again. You are free!

Your Miracle Immersion Experience with Jyoti is Guided and Directed by Your Spirit and Your Awakened Self, which bypasses your linear mind and all the “timelines” of incremental change.... producing Grace-Full Transformation in ease.

You are carried by Grace ... effortlessly clearing Karma, expanding beyond limitations ... opening to Living Miracles in every breath of your life.

This Immersion comes from a Higher space of Unique Potential and Possibility that does not rely upon techniques, tools, methods, modalities, or systems that contain limitations.

Through this Immersion ... You can Allow anything into Your life creation experience. You are being rewired as a Miracle Being of Light, with your Miracle potentials brought to you while still in your magnificent body - for as long as you choose to be here.

Life becomes Flow ... effortless ... You find your Self freed from old personal struggles in the light of Your True Expanded Miraculous Self ... who is here as Love to BE JOY and naturally inspire millions of people to also awaken to their innate Self... just by simply BEing You ... simply by Breathing!

When you are free of personal drama and struggle - You are able to effortlessly assist others in vibrating where you are. Your Resonance becomes your Gift to the World - YOU Are the GIFT!!

You naturally move beyond the domain of “overcoming” your greatest challenges, obstacles and limitations... and simply vibrate at a level where they do not exist for you anymore. 

The Miracle Immersion Program gives you permanent access to allowing the impossible, to BE in your life and in the lives of others through you!

Who You are BEcoming is far beyond what you can now understand ...

Simply allow ... all is powerfully taken care of for You and through You ...

There is nothing you need to DO while immersed in this Miracle Program with Jyoti.

Just BE, Love.

Just BE ... Love.

Your innate brilliance shines through You, without work effort or struggle.

Your Unique Genius emerges ... and allows expansive opportunities to bless you and others through you.

You expand and continue expanding as your life unfolds ...

Your Investment for Your Private Miracle Immersion with Jyoti is ONLY $99,999 per year (pre-pay) or 12-month payment plan @ $9,999 per month automatic subscription billing.

Pay in Full $ 33,333   3 month immersion  or  $12,111 per month
Pay In Full $ 66,999   6 month immersion  or  $12,111 per month
Pay In Full $ 99,999   9 month immersion  or  $12,111 per month
Pay In Full $133,332  12 month immersion or $12,111 per month

This is the MOST POWERFUL Investment in YOU and Your Miracle Life ever offered! :

You can prepay (email for wiring instructions of $99,999) saves over $19k!
Or you may pay in $9999 installments (subscribe button below) in our 12 months together beginning now...

12 Month Immersion Training with Jyoti