Up Level 9 Month Deep Dive with Jyoti

This is one of my Highest Level Offerings.

Once in a great while you stumble upon something that can change your life forever.

This is the moment.

Together, we deep dive into Your Life's Purpose, Passion, Path and Mission, through our MasterHeartMind.

We Blossom Your Life's Purpose into Being in 9 months together.

With Divine Guidance, Love, Presence, Grace, and Supernatural Support.

This is a 24/7 Immersive Experience Together.

You have a VITAL Purpose that the World needs for You to Blossom into Being.

Only YOU can Live this Purpose.

From Your Heart-Led Presence.

This is Your Radical Authentic Self wake-up-call... 

Even if thousands of others have a seemingly similar expression to You in this world - it does not matter ... as when You step up and say YES to Your True Calling ... MAGIC happens that cannot and will not happen without You!

Abundance Flows, grows, expands, and seeds.

Your Way will be Radically and Fundamentally Unique and Guided by Your Spirit, not your mind.

There is no copying here. Only Fresh, Radical Game Changing Entrepreneurial Innovation.

This is for You if:

 You are ready to say YES to the Embodiment of Your Gifts and Life's Work, and truly invest in your Self at the level necessary.

My work is radically unique, unstructured, guided by Spirit for Maximum Immediate and Ongoing Results. 

Tools, books, modules, techniques, methods, plans, programs, etc... are for those who cannot yet TRUST fully and deep dive into the Wild Uncharted domain of the Heart Resonant Knowing of Your Spirit's Path for You.

You cannot force a path or destiny that is not Yours. No matter how much you "learn" or "try."

It is time to Align.

This is where we begin. With Your Truth, Your Heart, Your Spirit.

We release all that is in the way, and all that is supporting your underlying conditioning.

Together we deep dive into the Essence Creation Source of Your Life, all the way up to Your Spirt Incarnate Point. 

We ReBirth Your New Life.

 I Specialize in Assisting: 

Healers, Entrepreneurs, Mystics, Light-Beings, Mothers, Truth-Tellers, Guides, Way-Showers, Warriors, Empaths, Artists, Creatives, and those longing to live an Abundant Aligned Life guided by Source.

When You are Living Life from Your Source:

You are Abundant

You are Free 

You have Choice

You have money

You have Love

You are Re-Sourced

You are Provided for

You can Provide for Your Loved Ones and Passions

You Live in a Space of Grace and Favor

You are Happy and Feel Expanded in Living Your Purpose

Receive Your Value

This Deep Dive is an upfront and ongoing investment in You.

This 9 Month Adventure is solely for those ready to invest in the most powerful and impactful investment of money, and quantum leaps forward. To Qualify for this Adventure, You must be Financially Solvent, Healthy, Mentally and Emotionally Stable, and willing to invest $9999 per month in your Self. If You are able to deeply invest in Your Self at this level and beyond, reach out to me @ riverofmiracles@gmail.com and we will set up a (rare with me) video call to reveal what is possible for You and I Together. If you are not in a position to value my work monetarily at this level, This Deep Dive is not for You. I have another program for You HERE, where we work together at another level - where You invest a minimal monthly amount, and Advance and invest in Yourself on the back end.

Its a Quantum Leap into Living Your True Life ... the ONE and ONLY meant for You!

With my Full Presence in Love and Devotion,


If You already KNOW YES! You can JOIN ME and we OPEN Your Up Level Deep Dive today!

UPLEVEL Deep Dive 9 Months with Jyoti

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