Miracles are our Natural State of Being.

I used to personally believe that healing was simply just the removal of pain, illness, diseases, fear, emotional problems, loss, limitation, etc... I lived most of my life thinking that this was what was happening when I would "do" these sessions with people, and things would occur, change would happen. (Now I recognize that I do not "do" anything, and huge, miraculous things simply just occur!)

Now I have come to understand after many years and much experience that we are only looking at the effects of an unseen cause not originating in the body, in any condition we experience. So, while it may be a fringe benefit to be free from an illness, condition, disease, pain, fear or whatever ... This is simply an effect - the tip of a creative, unseen iceberg, that the conscious mind simply cannot track or even begin to understand.

So while we may be able to witness and track a certain amount of CHANGE that occurs as a natural by-product of this work, it does not stop there... In fact, it only begins there. I have so many people who years later tell me stories of how their entire lives changed after our Session together. These changes have continued to unfold and exponentially increase with the speed of each individual's Spirit and Soul in infinite ways. This awareness has been amazing and miraculous and humbling to me as a mere catalyst for this change.

So, physical "healing" is not actually the reason I do what I do.

I am really here to BE a catalyst of Miracles ... To expand what is possible together through our Most Powerful Technology - LOVE!

I am joyously here to be an instrument of Expanding Love and Miracles ... in Observable, Palpable ways that naturally allow the manifestation of things far greater than I could dream up!

In other words...I do not know the specifics of what will happen in your personal life experience through this work, however, I do know that fundamental change and Transformation and New Possibilities, Probabilities, Potentials, and Miracles emerge and become your life as you are able to receive them.

Transformation and Healing is immediate and permanent. It is not something that "takes time" and if this has been your experience then you are in for the ride of your life! It is time now! spread those wings and soar above and beyond all that you used to believe was "real" for you in your life.
Freedom is always available to you in every instant!

In JOY - Jyoti

More about Jyoti:
I was born with a unique Knowingness, a "healing" perspective of Life that has been innately helpful and useful for healing in many situations throughout my entire life -and especially in the lives of others. Although I am not "special," I simply have an innate awareness, a practical knowingness, in what some call healing or transformation. This has been evident and obvious to others throughout my entire life. I just thought it was natural. What I struggled with was how to help myself, and later my own children. (mostly -Not anymore thank God!)

It wasn't until my late 20's and early 30's that I had some rude awakenings - that life and my "work" as I knew it must change. In my early 30's I became very ill I was feeling terrible, in pain, lethargic, and depressed every day until I finally manifested a "pancreatic cancer" that I "took on" from a healing client. This gift was a turning point in my life where I was once again guided moment by moment back into the infinite Love, innate awareness, and the childlike wonder and magic of my childhood when healing was magical, light, fun, mysterious, and immediately effective.

I have been given so many blessings...

Blessings I am here to Share with You

I have received and realized so many gifts from my near death encounters - and I can now pass on the benefits to you! We are ready to Live from a whole new perspective in healing, transformation, and Life.

Energy does not heal.

LOVE Heals, naturally.

Divine Love, Innocent Perception, and my Devotion

Transforms Your Entire Soul (Cause to Manifest)


Transforming every aspect and manifestation of your life -
Including Awakening and Revealing
Your Miraculous Purpose, Potential, and Life's Calling.

Here, there are no tools, techniques, methods, ologies ...

Only Results.

Born of the Miraculous Power of Who You Really Are.

Not your mind

Not your consciousness

Your Spirit.

If we are attached to an outcome, we are ineffective... we are coming from our ego; which is Energy-Going-Out ... not an effective strategy if we plan on keeping our bodies!

"Running energy," as practiced in so many well-meaning, yet misguided healing "techniques" does not transform or release the cause, which ultimately means - you may receive a temporary "healing" only to manifest another "illness" or "condition" that fits into that "negative" field of duality the previous condition held. The Universe is perfectly balanced in the manifest polarity domain of "energy."

YOU have within you the capacity to do everything that I have done and so much more...

I am here now to show you how and what is possible for YOU!

Standing in AWE of YOU! 

At the PRECIPICE of something new! 

I am here in Service of the Love that birthed this Universe and all Life everywhere.

I stand strong in the Knowing that Miracles are real, that We All Are Infinitely Powerful and Miraculous BEings when we Live from the Love and JOY at the core of our BEing!

Healing. Transformation. Love. Consciousness, and Innate JOY are instantly available to us now, no matter what is happening within or around us. The Power is given to us, from our Spirit. I am here to help You access and Live from it!

Healing does not take time. It is instant.

Spiritual Transmutation is the only technology we can actualize from our Sacred Love Portal!

I am here to JOIN, to honor, and to explore the infinite possibilities that we are here together to create!

Where two or more are gathered...there I AM.

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