Revolutionary ... unlike anything ... Innovative, and Immediately Powerful.

The Love and Life's Work of Jyoti ...

Welcome Beloved! I am so happy to see YOU here!

(I can feel your Radiant Presence when You arrive here!)


No matter how long you have suffered, no matter how down you feel, no matter what 'they' have told You, no matter what you have 'believed,' no matter how much "self help" you have studied, no matter how many "healers" you have seen, no matter what you have thought, no matter your self image or current state of affairs ... EVERYTHING and ANYTHING can shift for You in a nanosecond - and this Beloved One ... Is One of the "Why's" that I am here!

When we come together - we do just that ... effortlessly! (This is ONE of my Gifts in this lifetime!)

All without "effort" or "struggle" or linear plans, to-do lists, or even "understanding" ... As when we work together, something Miraculous takes place... so Miraculous in fact, that I cannot even begin to predict the far-reaching Transformations You will experience in your life.

This is Radically and Fundamentally Unique ... EFFORTLESS TRANSFORMATION!

You are in the right place ... HERE...  we join together and access the most deep, profound and unconscious Causes that have been creating, re-creating, and limiting what is possible for You in Your Life.

I have offerings for you at whatever level you are ready to embrace. We can go slowly, or we can move rapidly beyond the speed of Light together! Its up to You. I am here in Service of Your Most Grand Life - of the latent potential within You that is here for Manifesting Miracles everyday too!

I work in a Unique, Innovative, and Miraculously Powerful way, check it out here!

I have many ways to support You! Check out my Current and ever changing offerings HERE!



Where do I begin with Jyoti?

  • Private Session
  • Intensive Session
  • Miracle Heart Activation I and II
  • Money Manifest Now 111
  • Perfect Weight Manifestation
  • Manifest Your Love
  • Heal Your Broken Heart Intensive
  • Light INfusion Downloads

Slower Track POWERFUL and Gradual $-$$

  • Daily INfusion Healing
  • Juicy Miraculous Life
  • Living Miracles Now
  • Jyoti ILIP Condensed MP3's (coming soon)
  • Abundance Blessings
All work with Jyoti is Immediate, Powerful, Potent in Changing your Life Forever...with on-going Evolutions that grow as you do. You can choose if you are ready for Beyond LIGHT-speed Quantum Life Transformation... or more Gentle, Soft, and subtle yet Powerful Transformation.

(when in doubt, email Jyoti, as  she knows immediately what you will benefit most from now. And, rest assured, she does not accept clients that she cannot help.)

How is this different?

Its Effortless.

Its Immediate.

Its Permanent.

 It Happens Automatically...

No Processing.

No Work.

No detox.

You Feel Good.

You Expand Naturally.

You Awaken Your Life to Miracles ...

Unlike other approaches to life transformation and healing... Jyoti was born doing this work. She did not attend "trainings" or "teachings" or employ recycled / repackaged techniques. What she does is refreshingly beyond technique, yet it is also as natural and simple as breathing. Jyoti works exclusively at a distance, as this is the most powerful way to bypass the linear mind and impact direct Soul Level Blueprint Transformation that allows you to BLOSSOM beyond your current life. Your Potential expands, and opens the hidden desires of your Heart contained in your life's Purpose. Which is where your Life's work can be initiated from successfully.

Jyoti does not use a "system" she does not use any of the popular (yet ultimately ineffective) tools, techniques, methods, modalities, etc... what she "does" is Lives from an inborn space of Love that has natural access to where your deepest limitations reside (in your very Soul.)

Here, Pure Love witnesses and frees the limitations, patterns of suffering, and limitations in life... through what Jyoti refers to as 'Soul Constellations' without negative consequences, detox symptoms, changing your thinking, or endless working on yourself ... that happen as a result of lesser methods.

Jyoti does not work with ''problems, or even the physical body, however, fundamental transformation occurs all the way down to the physical body you inhabit, as well as the life you are surrounded by.

Whenever we work on a "problem" or body issue - we are working on effects within polarity. this, by its very nature is impermanent and manifests as greater "undesired" effects in your polarity. When you "remove or release" an effect, (such as a tumor, or dis-ease) something else of that same frequency vibration immediately replaces it, unrecognizably, usually in another area of your life - almost always corresponding to a deeper level of your life. So, while you may feel "freed" from a dis-ease or injury, something deeper and more life impacting will be the result.

You cannot work with an effect to change an effect.

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