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Self Valued/DONATION-BASED Group Healing 1st Sunday of the Month @5:55am PST


Sunday Miracle Healing Group Sessions!

With DONATION-BASED Healing Session... 1st Sunday of the Month 

Powerful. Life changing Healing!

First of it's kind. Ever.


In my quest to serve as many beloveds as possible at once, and create blissful ripples of Transformation, Miracles, Peace, Resolution, Healing, and the expansion of what is Possible for Life ... I was guided to create this Group Monthly Healing Project ... With the First Sunday of the month BY DONATION! (You must Invest in YourSelf to Receive this Soul Constellation Healing!)

This is unlike anything else out there ... I do not work with energy, in fact, "energy healing" is responsible for creating deeper problems and heavier "energies" taking root in your life and body, even when it appears you are "getting results." (More on this Here!) In my Life's Work, I work directly with Your Spirit where I am guided to Your Specific Soul Constellations causing the limitations and challenges of your entire life, from birth forward. When we release and transform Your Soul Constellations, Your actual personal energy polarity is naturally rebalanced and reset, all changes are instant and permanent, and continue to seek the Wholeness of Freedom that Your Spirit guides us toward in each successive Session. In these Group Sessions, we release the group shared Soul Constellations! Resulting in ... Permanent Healing! Transformation! Miracles! Truly.

If You desire "Energy Healing," or "Free Energy Healing," You are knocking on the wrong door.

This Healing works directly with the Group's Soul Constellations that are common. This can, (and does!) result in Massive, Immediate, Healing and Transformation for You. Each Sunday Session will be unpredictably and un-precendently Powerful... Miracles.

The First Sunday is BY DONATION/Self Value ... Meaning that whatever you are willing to pay is going to directly affect how powerful the transformation will be for you. Each Person must Value to Receive. 

This is my Inspired Solution to serve and help the thousands of people who are requesting my Miracle Healing, Support and Divine Grace to Ease their Life Challenges... And those who are in need of Restoration, Support, Healing, Love, Grace, Meaning, Connection, Purpose, Alignment, Divine Intervention, and Miracles Now.

What this is:

Powerful Silent Group Healing, Instantly Delivered to You Via Your Spirit and Soul.  @ 5:55am PST. 1st Sunday of the month ...  I tune in with ALL Registered Beloveds and call forward, track, heal, resolve, and Release the destined shared Soul Constellations (Life Blueprint Causal Programs) causing the limitations and challenges You have been facing. This results in Permanent Healing and Transformation of your Life's experience in unpredictable ways... Opening the way for Grace, Love, Divine Intervention, and Unfathomable and Unpredictable Miracles to enter Your Life. 

*The more who join, the more common Soul Constellations = the Greater the Healing for All! Delivered Silently, free from all electronics, and all media. There will be no talking, no discussion, no dialog, no recording, no audio or video, no internet page to view. This is Epic Silent Powerful Group Healing and Transformation. Like all of my Unique work, this Healing bypasses your linear and conscious mind and ACTUALLY CREATES IMMEDIATE and INSTANT CHANGE. There is nothing to "do" other than Give VALUE to YourSelf and My Work to Receive! The, You sit back and watch as your life feels more free, more open, less stressed, more CLEAR, more PEACEFUL, new ideas and Inspirations can now reach you, You have greater Self Love and Awareness, You are more optimistic, you sleep better, You FEEL BETTER ... and so much more ... Miracles Happen Here.

Send Your Donation to: and in the Notes Write Your Name, age, and the Healing You are claiming for Your Self. 

(Important Note: I do not EVER, even in my deepest work, work with problems, conditions, challenges, illnesses, etc... I work DIRECTLY with the Soul Constellations-At-Cause of the challenges, pain, suffering, limitations, and ceilings of possibilities you are controlled by. Many of these will not be conscious to you, as they are cloaked from your awareness and live within you in  the domain of "I don't even know that I don't know...) You will most certainly change and feel and experience Life from new vantage points with each Session.  You are likely not even aware of what and how these SC's are limiting you. Everyone Receives Healing, in the ways determined by Your Spirit not me.)

I Open this Healing in communion with Your Spirit and Soul at 5:55am PST on the First Sunday of each month, and work for as long as necessary to track, clear, release, resolve, complete, and heal the necessary Soul Constellations causing suffering, pain, limitations, and challenges in your life. You WILL receive healing instantly the moment I am working with you, even if you are unaware. (It unfolds as it does, in unpredictable ways, determined by Your Spirit) - like in all my work ... I am not the one "doing" anything to you... I am led by Your Spirit into the Soul Constellations limiting you, that are common among all participants. Your Spirit is the way-shower, creator, guide.  ALL of my work bypasses the linear and conscious mind producing instant, immediate, and permanent change, including access to LIFE beyond what you have experienced. 

What this is not:

This is NOT a Listen, Watch or be entertained Session there will be no Video, Audio, or Recorded Session, there is no linear explanation, or dialogue. This Group Session opens the Way for Healing in the most immediate direct way possible, smilier to my Private Sessions, just not as in-depth. This Group Distant Healing is free from all electronics, and is immediately delivered Directly to You via Your Own Spirit and Soul @5:55am PST Sunday. 

*This is not My Deeper work where we deep-dive together, one to one, addressing the deepest Soul Constellation Causes creating Your entire Life experience, from conception forward ... Here, in my Deeper Life's Work we deep dive together one to one, just You and I, until The Session is complete - outside of time and space ... We end up naturally addressing Your Particular Soul Constellations, Karmic ties, Bloodline and Genetic Limitations, Structures that inhibit, limit, control and manipulate your life, inhibiting your Growth, Awareness, Potentials, Possibilities, and Your Natural Awakening Beyond Consciousness. This also naturally Transforms the attractor fields surrounding you which magnetize into being, all of your life experiences. (Your thoughts do not actually create your Reality, as the limited world of "consciousness" informs you ... Your Soul Constellations do! There truly is NO "Expansion of Consciousness," Only freedom Beyond it.) Soul Constellations create structures of magnetic attractor fields surrounding you that distort and magnetize the Reality you perceive. These embedded soul blocks limit what you have the ability to Perceive, Receive, Experience, and be Awake to. Yes, You do need this. However, You must be financially able to invest in your Self to Receive at this depth.

What Comes Next?

Ongoing Month of Healing Offered at a Limited Time Introductory Rate (Below) for 3 Additional Group Healing Sundays that increase and compound in Power! You can sign up for one month at the intro rate, or lock in at the intro rate through subscribing. (This Month of Powerful Healing will Double January 1, 2018!) 

For my Deepest intensive work, we must be one to one.


We are living in a time where it is Essential for You to Awaken to the Beauty, Power, Sovereignty, and Presence of You! You are an immense Being of Love, Purpose, Power, Radiance, Joy, Bliss, etc... that must Come Alive in order to shift what is possible for All Life! Many await You! You are needed now to Awaken and Create the Magic You are Here to Live! 

I will continue to offer these First Sunday of the Month Miracle Healing Sessions for as long as I am Provided, Sourced, Funded. 

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Sunday Group Miracle Healing You Choose Your Results

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Miracle Healing Sundays

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Miracle Healing Sundays

I will continue to offer ONE Self-Valued/Donation Based GROUP Healing Session per month for as long as I am Provided, Sourced, and Funded. 

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