On-Demand Live Healing Session

Private Session ... You and I

New! Live On-Demand Session!

Okay ... so I am committing to do concentrated Sessions in actual time!  Live with You ... (for those of You who know me ... this is a huge shift, as I do not usually relate to Life or Healing in terms of "time") ... giggles ...  

I Received a powerful vision, an Inspiration to Open this Possibility for You to Receive the Love and Support You need and deserve Live together ... to Go Deeper, Expand Exponentially into Your Sacred Destiny and THRIVE in these times of evolutionary shifting of the "way things are!" 

I have cleared my early morning schedule just for You! I intend to keep this Space Open ... every morning to deeply support Your Healing and Support Needs ... for You and Your family! Once You reserve your Session Time Slot, You will begin receiving immediate Support .. and at our Appointed Time we deep dive into Our Session. Silently, as I sit in Our Miracle Healing Temple (in my PJ's) and work deeply with You!!

Beloved ... this is the beginning of the massive change of humanity ... So so so much more change is coming ... which requires us to BE Present, Aware, and grounded within our Larger Self ... stabilizing our Inner Ability and Competency to THRIVE.

This IS my Deeper Soul Constellation Session ... Condensed and Concentrated for You!

Reserve your Private Session on the Scheduler below

**Once Booked, You will begin to receive INSTANT and IMMEDIATE Support to Stabilize You until Our Appointed Session Time!

At Our Appointed Time ... We Unite in our Soul and Spirit levels ... From this Sacred Space of Unified Love We instantly deep dive to release and transform the most potent Soul Constellations limiting your life. We begin promptly at our scheduled time and the actual Session will last for 15 "eternal" minutes. You may feel and experience your Session lasting and happening far longer (this is normal, as this work unfolds as it does in each session and each being), just allow whatever space you desire to fully Be with Your Experience. If you are a planner, You could easily plan for an hour, plus allow extra time for journaling and just Being, if you desire.

Special note: You do not have to be "consciously tuned in" during our Session, especially if this is an emergency or busy time for you. You will receive the full impact of your Session regardless. You seriously cannot mess this up in any way! 

We work at the Causal Level, not conscious level, so you cannot impact it with your consciousness (Thank God!!)! This work bypasses your conscious mind and produces instant permanent Transformation, Wholeness and Change.

This is a Full Soul Constellation Session

the fastest track to Opening Miracles and Transforming Your Life instantly and permanently!

*Soul Constellations are the invisible causal blueprint programs within your Soul that house and cause every karmic limitation and set of unfolding options, choices, and circumstances of your Life. You are here in this life to heal, release and transform these Soul Level limitations now and forever! Liberating your Self, You Ancestors, and All Life You touch from here forward. Soul Constellations contain programs, patterns, limitations, blocks, wounds, traumas, karma, genetic and bloodline issues, etc... that actually in-form and create your body and your body of experience. Until they are cleared, soul constellations are in charge of your life and how it can unfold. They set up all old, repeating and limiting patterns on all levels of your life, many of which You are not even aware of or awake to. Soul Constellations are actual causal programs that live in, operate through, and inform your unconscious about what is True for You - no amount of "belief-busting" could even begin to touch the vastness of the embedded programs alive and conscious that control you... there are aspects that cannot be named that are in control, the conscious mind is simply not capable of the necessary multidimensional awareness necessary to impact change in the necessary ways or means, behind-the-scenes informing your choices, possibilities and experiences - which then go deeper as "proof" of the way things in life "are." Each SC we clear opens NEW LIFE Possibilities and Actual MIRACLES that naturally unfold in your Life. This happens Naturally, Effortlessly, and without "working" on what you think or believe or are aware of. That is just busy ego mind thinking it's in charge. The changes happen at a level far beyond what the conscious mind has access to, or ability to process. This allows for instant immediate and permanent changes to take place in your life without struggle, hard work or suffering any longer. In a typical Session we clear many many soul constellations and the more we continue to clear the more your Life lines up with Your Destiny. And the changes keep unfolding! Additional Sessions will continue to accelerate your Inner Knowing, Strength, Healing, Wholeness, Freedom, Liberation, Bliss, and Joy! You can Trust Your Self to Know!

Here .. with You ... in Love and Devotion... Jyoti


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