Forgive ...Be Love ... Be Free


Precious Beloved One ... 

This is a Rare, Powerful, Permanent, and Potent Form of Forgiveness that changes your life forever. The deeper you invest, the deeper we go and the longer I hold you in alignment so that your forgiveness can take place supernaturally, impacting all aspects and areas of Your life. This level of forgiveness changes and heals the Soul itself and opens you to experience a new Life in Miraculous ways.  

When You Are Forgiven ... and when you Forgive .... in this Supernatural Way ... the burdens you carried in the form of guilt, karma, debt, limited access to Love, Feeling, Awareness, Presence, Beauty, Peace, Happiness, Joy, and all the True Gifts of Life ... are released forever and Your Whole Life changes Miraculously!

There is a clear path to Your Freedom, to Your Life of Destiny ... which is accessible to You ... Effortlessly in this work. You deserve this freedom. All those who need your forgiveness will also blossom and be Free ... and those whom you 

You simply cannot gain access to Your Freedom, nor your Purpose through the means of the mind and external world. This includes: employing tactics and plans based in logic, hard work, effort, will-power, force, education, etc...  The only way it happens is through Alignment. This alignment exists beyond this physical world, and the physical You.  

My Supernatural Support within this level of Forgiveness is offered for a limited time... as when You need BIG Forgiveness and FREEDOM ... It requires a rewiring of your entire is time for You to BE Free .. to allow the Life that sparkles within the center of Your Being to Be Freed .. The FREE Healing Video that brought you here is a Powerful Emotive Taste of what Lives forward within You ... to be Unleashed in this world .. You are here for Miracles ... and as You step forward into the Life of Your Divine Calling, Your Purpose ... Your Destiny ... You will discover the unimaginable wild life that you were created for!

I am Here to open and unfold the Life You are meant to Live ... and in this powerful Transformative Offering ... You will be FREE! You are so much more powerful than you can imagine in your wildest dreams!

Join me here ... and together we deep dive into the Blissful Life Embodiment You were born to Live and Breathe for all Life to be impacted by!

You are powerful beyond measure ... here for Love ... Miraculous Openings, healing, restoration, possibilities, and more than we can describe here!

Lets Go Deeper now ... into the Silent Depths where Life is Guided and Advanced through the Heart and Essence of Who You Are!

Here, I assist you from my Supernatural Self ... Opening the way for Your Life to Blossom into Bliss, Freedom, Health, Vitality, Eternal Youthfulness, and the Purpose You were born to embody!

You may Choose the level of Silent, Potent, Miraculous Support You are ready and able to embody below!

These Services are offered at a modest investment. Choose the Level of Support You are ready to Receive.

These Services are reserved for those who are living in abundance who additionally require the cleansing of Karmic Debt. This is BIG work, and will Save and Restore Your Life! and Restore Your Innocence and Precious Nature. This work is Silent, and does not require confession or revealing of what must be cleansed free and/or Forgiven ... Here, You will be Forgiven and You will be FREELY Able to Forgive ... Living in Love, Innocence, Gratitude and Bliss from here forward. Pure. Cleansed Free. Restored. You will be given the rare opportunity to connect with Jyoti Live during this Life Transforming Experience.

Sell Your Soul for Money, Fame, Fortune? 

I am now offering a Super Money, Fame, and Life Redemption Cleanse for those of us who have invested in the "wrong" things (at the expense of others or yourself) maybe for all the "right" reasons, yet it somehow turned sour ... maybe into personal soul and spirit limitations, depression, suffering, illness, disease, burdens, stress, harm, lack of true connection, loneliness, an impoverished Spirit, and more ... this is what they call "filthy rich." If this is You ... You are in the right place! Redemption, Healing, JOY, Bliss, and Miracles await You! Together, We restore your ability to be Loved for Who You Are (not your money), Wanted (for the right reasons), Connected with the Beloveds you Belong with, Being Loved unconditionally, Being Happy, Being Healthy, Vibrant, Spiritually Aligned and Connected, along with Being the cause for GOOD and LOVE and MIRACLES in this world! You can turn it all around Now! There are unfathomable Miracles and so many people awaiting Your Return to Life ... find your Way here now! 


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