Miraculous Blessings

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Miraculous Blessings

YOU have the Power to Change Your Life and in the Lives of Others 
within 30 days!

If You are ready to Receive True Abundance and Blessings 
In your Life ...

This can BE Your best 30 Days ever!

No matter what fear, lack, illusions, and propaganda are raging in the world - including all the manipulation, control, and collapse of many current systems in our world...

Be Blessed, Strong and Abundant from within ANYWAY.

Activate Your Inner Template of the experiential Blessing of Your Choice

This Inner Template is YOURS, it is from Your Spirit and not from the outside in.

Your Inner Template is innate to your Unique Life Experience of  Abundance, Freedom, Joy, and Happiness regardless of which Blessings you choose now.

Perfected for You.

Abundant Blessings can manifest all around You as you Open your YES to RECEIVE and expand through offering, giving, and Being.

That which you are willing to LIVE, and willing to GIVE is yours in Multiplied Abundance...naturally.

Give this POWERFUL BLESSING to another and to yourself Today and
Activate it’s power in your Life!

You can make a difference in the lives of others right now today. You don't even need to know "how." You do not need to wait until you get the certificate, or earn the knowledge, work hard, or even work at all.

You can right now Expand Blessings specifically for anyone you choose, and for yourself too.

Your Blessing will be silently delivered to You at higher than conscious levels...it cycles through your Being on multiple levels and is fulfilled within 30 days.

Every Blessing is specific, custom created and delivered via Silent Transmission for each person. This Blessing manifests in the most appropriate and unique way for each and every person who is given this Gift. In the ways most expansive for your Spirit.

How it works:

Give a Blessing as a gift to at least one other Person whom You Love and want to see living a happier, fulfilling Life - filled with greater choice and freedom that Abundance and Grace naturally provides.

*However, you must also CLAIM Your Blessing for YOU...

This sets up a template for exponential rewards for everyone. As you Secure your own Blessing (oxygen mask) FIRST, you enjoy greater CHOICE, Freedom, Happiness and Abundance in your own Life.

Then you are even more FREE to give and expand and enjoy greater and greater levels of service to others - while enjoying this FREEDOM for your Self too!

How much does it cost?

Contribute the Value that you are ready to Live and Receive ... from your Grateful Heart... 

Give the amount that feels expansive and inspired and correct for You...You will have the opportunity to GIVE and allocate a specific amount for each person you choose to GIFT with these Blessings.

There are many “Miracle-Gift-Givers" Who Love You and want all the Best for YOU! And, YOU Are also this Miracle for others as well!

You may return here to Receive and Give Blessings as often as you wish. These Blessings may take up to 30 days to manifest into your life experience. They may show up huge, clear, specific, and immediately powerful... or they may be experienced as subtle and behind the scenes - shifting what is possible for your now and your future. No matter how they manifest- it is perfect and correct for each individual. And, totally aligned with Your Ultimate Life's Larger Unseen Destiny.

You may Gift your Self and as many people as you wish, the same people and/or new ones every 30 days -  Each Blessing is specific to the individual, delivered silently, received, and fulfilled within 30 days.

Choose From Our Current Blessings here:

Health and Vitality
Sacred Space 
Inner Peace and Calming
Beginning of Life 
End of Life 

In PayPal Please list the recipient and blessing for both of You in the "List Your Blessing Here" The Blessings can be different or the same.

Choose the Power and Magnatude of Your Blessings
List Your Blessings Here:
Custom Power Blessings
List Your Blessings Here:

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May YOU Be Blessed in all ways that bring to fruition Your 

Greatest Heart's Desires as your Life experience!

May you Know what matters most to You...and live it fully in alignment with Your Spirit from here forward...

Blessings of Living Abundance to You!