Magical Activations!

Custom Created Activations that produce Immediate and Permanent Transformation, Healing, Access and Change in your life experience!

Each of these Carefully Custom Created Activations are designed to Open and Rewire the Divine Communication and Manifestation Gateway between You and Your Spirit.

These Activations are not "doing something to You" ... They actually Open the Way of Grace from within You ... From Your Spirit, in the most gentle and powerful of ways.

They work from within You ... Opening You to Your Next Level of Access to your chosen areas of Life ... Miracles happen here in this access, as you are given access to Beyond Your Current level of functioning, experiencing, knowing ...

You can experience these Activations multiple times and continue to receive your next level access, always expanding beyond and building upon each successive level of access.

Our Current Activations

Advanced Intuition
Creative Genius
Living Abundance
Love Miracles
Radical Harmony and Peace
Deep Fertility
Health and Vitality
Clear Inner Knowing
Multi-Dimentional Awareness
Pineal / Pituitary 
Brain Optimization
DNA - Cellular Miracle of Longevity and Access
Light BEing Freely (formerly Light Body Activation)
Reality Jumping
Heart Opening and Healing
Self Trust
Magical Innocent Perception
Ease, Grace, Flow

Custom Activation? - Please let us know if you are longing for an Activation not listed here, and I will do my best to assist you from my Love and Devotion to You and Your Best Life!

Each Activation Opens a Circuit of Love Communion with Your Own Unique Spirit Embodying the Perfect expression and experience that Your Spirit has in store for You. These Activations are unlimited for You, and grant you access to the fulfillment and embodiment of your Spirit aligned expressions and experiences which manifest in unpredictable and miraculous ways.

This is not a tool, technique or method, rather, this is Direct Clear Access to Your Very Unique Spirit. 

You may experience an immediate and instant transformation in one or many aspects of your life, and it will continue to blossom and grow through you for 8 days, at which time you are able to then move into the next level with an additional Activation. You may complete three activations at once if you choose, or simply one at a time.

There is nothing you need "do" in order to receive Your Activations, as when You give your PayPal Yes, it immediately begins for You!

After You checkout through PayPal you will be directed to an immediate access page where you are given access to Your Opening Activation Immediately!

Magical Activations
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