The Temple of Infinite Miracles

A Sacred Space of Miracles that Benefits and Blesses All Life

Temple of Infinite Miracles

I Stand for a world where we all care for the greatest wellbeing of each other, and naturally receive in like kind ... the Love and Support we extend. 
This is the next level ... Introducing a Supernatural Etheric Temple of Infinite Miracles. This Temple exists to grant You Supernatural Access to the Miraculous while you support Sacred Unconditional Love's Plan for the restoration of Love as Primary in Life ... There are powerful Multidimensional Masters of Love commissioned by Unconditional Eternal Love (God) who serve as Guardians, Masters, Angels, Healers, and Guides Living as Divine Love ... who oversee, protect, heal, serve Love's Divine Plan, provide immediate supernatural aid 24/7 where most needed, who are here to palpably restore Love, Hope, Wonder, Health, Freedom, Well-Being, Joy, and Innocence ... We join to selflessly provide Miracles, Blessings, Grace, Instant and Permanent Healing, and the Restoration of Love as Primary. We are all in this Life together, as One. What impacts any part of Life impacts You, especially when you are unaware. Even if all seems to be going well from your personal awareness. You are not separate, except in your mind. We are actually One.

The Temple of Infinite Miracles has been created to Supernaturally Serve our Beloved Global Family, Restoring Love as Primary in Our Hearts and Minds, with Right Seeing ... recognizing we are not separate except in our minds ... Beloveds around the world in need are given Supernatural Divine Aid in whatever way best opens and Restores Love around the globe 24/7. Even in the most dire of places and situations. There are things happening to our beloved Family that are beyond atrocious. We are here to Restore Love to even the most hostile and hopeless. There are Millions and sometimes Billions of people who are suffering on our planet ... lacking basic fundamental access to Love, Life, Joy, Bliss, Safety, Security, Health, Wellness, Freedom, Stability, Security, Necessary Life Supports, Clean Water, Clean Air, Living Nutrition ... many are feeling alone, lost, afraid ... suffering in silence, lack and need. Dying of broken hearts, and broken bodies unsustained by their local environment.

Will You UNITE with Your True Self and Join with Us to restore Love, Health, Wellbeing, Beauty ... Life as intended by the Creator? When You become a Supporting Member, You receive the Divine Grace of supernatural healing and the release of your Core Soul Constellation Karma, which has sine birth limited, blocked and controlled what you have access to, limited Your Life and perceptions in ways you cannot imagine ... until you are free. In Membership, You are part of the reciprocal circle of Love ... and receive Miraculous Support in Your Life, as you provide support for Our Global Family. As You provide support, You receive support in ways most needed to Restore You and Your Life to Love's Original Blueprint.

I have been called to create a core group of Global Members and Supporters for The Temple of Infinite Miracles. You will know in your Heart if this is for You. If You know in your heart, I do not need to tell you the benefits, yet, for those who cannot hear their inner voice calling of Love ... I will share what Membership grants You ... 

This provides immeasurable supernatural benefits for You, Your Personal Family, and for all Life. Personally, this clears your Karmic Soul Constellations (which are the limitations of the Soul you chose as a Spirit and embodied through) This Etheric Temple has been created as Sacred Space for the Supernatural Manifestation of Miracles, Supernatural Aid, Blessings, Forgiveness, and Unfathomable Miraculous Healing. As a Supporting Member, You not only receive direct personal access to Miracles, You Serve others and Provide the necessary Support to be at-cause of Miracles and supernatural aid for others in need.

How does this work?

As You pledge your financial commitment (and share this opportunity with your friends, family, circles, Beloveds) You provide the necessary resources to uphold this Sacred Healing Outreach to all Life in need, while also building a solid Tribe Presence of Growing Love that Changes what is possible in our entire world! All members receive immeasurable Miraculous benefits, just by belonging here. There will be additional opportunities to deepen and connect in Sacred Space with each other personally, and Belong Deeply in our world wide Temple Space of Infinite Miracles. 

As upholding members  We will connect and commune Daily with each other as We gather in Silent Sacred Heart Communion Every Morning upon Awakening, and Every Night Before Falling to Sleep. This is a Supernatural Miracle Temple Space where our Source Love Communion is exponentially compounded, producing Living Miracles, Grace, the Restoration of Faith, Instant Miracle Healings, Divine Intervention, Immeasurable Blessings, Freedom, Freedom through Sacred Forgiveness, a deep, grounded sense of belonging, community, the Awakening of Life Purpose, Supernatural Support and more Bliss than words can contain. Many lives will be transformed forever ... as you will find your way to Your Life's Purpose in Communion with Supporters and True Family you can count on.There will also be upcoming opportunities to connect via livestream, gather in person, connect in Sacred Circle each month, Attend Live Healing Events, and Sacred Travel Adventures.

The Temple of Infinite Miracles serves All Life, including our Beloveds who we cannot easily touch through other means. Here, we Unite to Serve those who suffer in silence, those who feel hopeless, helpless, poor, neglected, abused, forgotten, sick, suffering, and those who lack access to the basic JOY and BLISS of Life and comfort that most of us take for granted.

Your contribution provides the necessary space and resources to uphold this Service. 

Your Karmic Impact: By becoming a contributing member of the Temple of Infinite Miracles, You receive immeasurable karmic and spiritual benefits. Just by contributing, you share in the good Fortune and Good Karma from the Global Benefits growing from here ... including the lives that are healed, restored, touched, transformed and uplifted through the Temple.
The Temple of Infinite Miracles provides an opportunity for you to Impact the Causal Loving Global Actions, Aid, Miracles, and Blessings that are restoring Love, Devotion, Healing, Miracles, Grace, Awakening, Goodness, and the Restoration of Innocence, Wonder and Magic upon our planet.
Your contribution Unites us in Love, in Sacred Heart Space in communion with Beloveds surrounding the entire globe. The Etheric Miracle Temple Guardians of Love and Protection also watch over and provide supernatural aid and healing for those who uphold and support our Miracle Temple. 
This actually releases Your soul’s Karma in the form of Soul Constellations (which are your blocks to LIVING Your Miraculous Life!) Your SC’s are impacted and loosened, and with devotion to Service, released entirely … just through Your Support and Membership here. 
As You stand in Support of those who are most in need of Love and Support, the ones you may never personally meet … You become awake to the Gifts, Blessings, and Miracles of Unconditional Love … changing Your Life, and all the lives impacted through your Support.
As when we join as One in the Heart of Infinite Love and Provide Healing for those in most need, protect those who suffer, and BE the Cause of Supernatural Blessings, Miracles, and Palpable Aid to those who have no other hope, we restore Love as dominant upon our planet … You share in the Blessings that emerge for us all. As without Your support, this cannot happen.
There are people right now … suffering in silence. Needing to be restored, uplifted, held in grace, protected!
Can you feel them? They are part of You.
Are you one of them? We all suffer when any of our beloveds suffer.
Are You willing to Stand For and Support what You desire most?
Love … expands, heals, restores, enlightens … opens … produces Effortless Miracles and Divine Intervention.
As you contribute, You personally realign with the Source of Love and the Innocent, Natural, True Miracles on this planet. Your Life is also Blessed. Your Life will naturally change by belonging in this Sacred Support Circle. Once You join, You will be a part of and receive the overflowing benefits from the goodness that our Master Healers and Upholders of Goodness, Love and Life generate. Karmic debts will be paid on your behalf. You will receive redemption.

We are not alone in this life … not ever … and this opportunity is a Divine Gift to Align together in Unity of Love and Devotion to All Life. Naturally Healing Your Heart. Healing Your wounds. Your pain. Your tender parts who hide your amazingness for fear of being hurt. This heals Your suffering. This is how it works. When You choose to BE THE SOURCE, You are blessed exponentially … Miraculously!
Through Your choice to support the Temple of Infinite Miracles, You are included in the unfathomable Miracles, Blessings, and Protection offered by your membership. 
This is a Sacred Global Circle that works on the Creation Planes of Existence in the Causal Realm, with the devotion and commitment to Return the Essence of LOVE to Life on this planet, including those of our brothers and sisters who are given Miracle Healings and Restored to the Perfection Intended for them upon Creation.
It is important for you to understand that when you support the Temple of Infinite Miracles, you share in the Group Karmic Goodness and Blessings of the Master Healers of the Temple of Infinite Miracles. This Goodness consists of Restoration of Divine Blueprints, Love Generated Causal Effects influenced through Supernatural Master Healers, Masters of Miracles, and Beings of Love and Healing who work with the Divine Source Life of Love (God), who Uphold of the Sacredness, Innocence, and Preciousness of Life for All. 
How You Impact your personal Karma and Life….
All of your actions plant seeds for karmic reaction, and these seeds collect within Your Soul Body and pause to either germinate, or be released through incoming current karmic influence … they gather and resonate to sprout in kind. Once these karmic seeds begin to sprout, their energetic course becomes predestined. Your karmic seeds naturally mature through Life opportunities to BE LOVE or otherwise ... these are the Karmic tests and trials of faithfulness, and they produce fruit in kind. 
The Karmic Blessing of Membership in the Temple of Infinite Miracles Clears Your current and Soul Level Constellations of negative Karmic seeds awaiting to sprout. The more you contribute, Love, Expand, and Provide for others less fortunate than You … the deeper Your karmic clearing goes. This can actually release the Larger Soul Constellations that have limited you since birth and held you captive, playing out old karma from the collective lifetimes of your Soul. 
Karma (reaction) informs your Energy Body to influence Your Physical Body, Emotional Body, and Body of Experience, supernaturally placing you in alignment to experience the fruits/effects of your seeds, which can be either pleasant, Expansive, Loving, Inspiring, Bliss, etc.. or unpleasant Drama, lack of awareness, pain, illness, negativity, suffering, death, etc…
Karma = you receive in like kind that which you give, and you give that which you are Being.
You can either add to the Karmic Debt of Your Soul, or advance into Living Bliss, Love, and Miracles beyond your imagining.
In ancient spiritual cultures, it is well known that by supporting others to heal, transform, awaken, or obtain immortality was considered incalculable. The spiritual benefits are directly applied to You immediately, and these blessings are also extended for nine previous generations, and nine generations to come. So this work not only heals your beloved Family on Earth ... it also heals You and Your Genetic Lineage ... backwards and forwards nine generations!
Immeasurable Spiritual Benefits come to you as you support this work.
I welcome You … Beloved Awakened One ... who seeds the Beauty of Our Future … We join in Unity and Live the Blessings and Miracles we Source for our Beloveds we may never meet.
I am so honored to witness Your Presence here … even if you cannot afford to contribute in a large way, every contribution You Give counts! Please honor the Amazing Love that You are … and all that Brought you here! You are One of the Most Precious Beloveds on this Planet … here to experience and transmit the Miraculous to those who are in most need.
Just by being here … You are a Blessing! We see You … We Bless You! We Open the effortless way of Love for You … and all that is given birth from Love: Miracles Unfathomable! You can Subscribe Here: By the Month, by the year, or as you are able! You choose the level that best suits You ... with the Knowing that as You Give, You Receive.


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Love and Miracles live here for You ... Exponentially!

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