Ready for Your Miracle?


 Need a Miracle?

There is an Effortless Miraculous Solution available Now.
(HINT: You cannot get there by thought, hard work, or intelligent strategies.)

It invisibly exists here, now. 

Your Miracle Awaits.
 In order to Receive it ... You must Be Aligned.

Alignment with Miracles can be difficult when you're in the thick of it! 

This is why I created this Service for You!


Receive Support.

We Silently and Powerfully Unite for 7 or 14 Days and Nights

You are Supernaturally Held, Supported, and Aligned with Your Miracles

Problems dissolve and resolve in Love. 

Revelations come. Solutions Emerge. Support shows up. 

New possibilities are born. Miracles Blossom!


Sometimes, we all need

A Divine Intervention.

A Miraculous (unknowable-by-the-familiar-self-thinking-mind) Elegant Solution (to your seeming impossible situation is) Here.

When you burdens are too much, and you simply cannot do it all or hold it all on your own anymore ... 

It's time to RECEIVE Support and go Direct to the Source beyond the problems... 

Its Time to Be Held, Supported and Sustained.

Here ... Miracles emerge through Effortless Grace. 

Not work. 

Not effort.

Not struggle.

Not thinking. 

Not small mental logical solutions. 

Not self-help strategies, protocols, techniques. 

Not small-self ideas, lesser logic, plans, structures, systems, bandaids.... etc... 


From the Source of Infinite Love and Life who knows exactly what you need.

Comprehensive Solutions that take all factors into account. 

Life Changing Miracles.

Big Picture, Whole Life, Effortless Solutions. 

Let Go and Allow the Divine to Do the Work. While You Receive.

This Sacred offering is a 7/14 day silent immersion in the Reception and Manifestation of the Miracle You most need Now. 

Grace unfolds as Miracles here. Now.

Upon Registration, you will receive instant living Support. 24/7 Email access to me directly!

You do not have to do this alone. Never again. You are supported. You Deserve this! You can finally and fully let go... 

In this unique service, there is no need to wait. You receive immediate and instant relief and support. 

This Support is active and Alive 24/7, You will feel ... continuing for the duration you choose. 

 Operating outside of normal time and space ... 

Allowing access to Miracles that exist beyond your wildest imagining.


This Support is custom created specifically for you.

You can receive this Support as often as You desire, until it becomes your natural state. 

This works fast. 

Miracles will be delivered, received, felt, seen, experienced, intuited, materialized. 

Your Unique Miraculous Solutions, Opportunities and Changes materialize under Divine Direction, 

not the mind - not yours or mine. Beyond the Mind's ability to perceive.

Opening a new path for You in Life. 

The Path Designed and Destined for You by Love. 

Receive Supernatural Living Support ... today!

Choose Your Level of Support:

$1111 * Silent 7-Day Miracle Support
$3333 * Plus Custom Encoded Video 
$4444 * Plus Live Miracle Mentoring Call and Custom Encoded Video
$8888 * 14-Day Support Plus Live Miracle Mentoring Call and Custom Encoded Video

Investment in You Options:

* PayPal

Miracle Live Support

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* Western Union: Jyoti Conradi Durango Colorado

**I have 2 spots available each month for Grateful Beloveds who are READY for this, yet do not have the *ability* to Invest the full amount. 2 spots will be available each month @ "Gift-What-You-Can" To apply - fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

**All My Services of Love and Devotion are Reserved for Beloveds who are ready to Transform, Live Miracles, Open beyond conditioning, and Embody Your Unique Miraculous Life, willing, ready and able to take responsibility for their whole Life including circumstances, choices, challenges, purpose, inspirations, thoughts, feelings, projections, limitations, fears ... who understand the need for Surrendering control, and surrendering the mind ... And OPENing to Love, Miraculous Support, Love Intervention, Divine intervention, Miraculous Intervention, Divine Support, Belonging, Unity, and Wholeness that can only come through Love beyond this world. THIS IS NOT FOR YOU If you are *just curious,* If you do not Believe in Love, Miracles, Grace, Magic, etc... Or if you do not believe this is possible. If you believe that you have your own solutions or you can secure your own Miracles or Divine Intervention - then Please DO THAT.

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