This is Your In-Depth Support Page!

Here, I will upload Your Encoded Videos, Audios, Support and Love!!

August Encoded Healing Video with LOVE for You Precious Magdalena!!! (BELOW!)

Please send me an update !!

 I also want to INVITE You (and your children!) to RECEIVE this Saturday's 8/8 LIVE HEALING @ 11:11amPacific time !  If You would like to Receive ... Please send me an email @ and I will send you instructions!! I would LOVE your feedback after the Session to share with others!!! 



(This Video below was created and uploaded in June 2020 at the Beach in Encinitas California!) Encoded Love and Healing Video for Precious Beloved Magdalena!

Please stay in touch as this one also includes 

An extra Destiny Activation of Light and Healing that facilitates greater immediate healing!!

April 2020 Healing Love and Bliss for You Precious One!! 

Special Gift ... Healing Audio Frequencies also coming for You this month or next!! (as soon as I get them correctly calibrated just for You and your Family!!)

I LOVE You!!! Please stay in touch and let me know what is happening, how your experience and healing are unfolding ... and any challenges you face!

Our First Healing Transmission on the Solstice ...

I Love You!

Beloved Precious One .... This Video is Deeply Encoded for You ... Please stay in touch and tell me how you are ... I LOVE YOU!!! 

Here ... In Love and Devotion to You,



Beloved Precious Magdalena ... Here is a little Video for You ... with LOVE! 

Please stay in touch with email updates so that I know how you are experiencing Life and Your Healing! I just gained access to upload new videos to my site! ENJOY!!

Password to this video: MAGDALENA

Here is another Special Encoded Healing Video with LOVE and Healing for You!

Healing ... Love and Miracles for You Precious Magdalena!

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