This is Your In-Depth Support Page!

Here, I will upload Your Encoded Videos, Audios, Support and Love!!

Hello my Precious Beloved Magdalena!! I would love to hear from you!! How are You feeling? What thoughts are filling your mind? How are you seeing yourSelf and Life? How is your body experience? How are You experiencing each day? What is in your heart you would love for me to support you in? Please send me an email when You feel inspired!! I LOVE YOU!!! 

I have deeply encoded this Video for You ... Please be sure to breathe ... allow this LOVE to sink in to your Awareness ... deeply sensing and feeling the Magic and Possibility here now ... You are being given a special Gift in this Transmission ... Where you will have a greater ability to experience Your mind and how it is working in your Life ... creating (or negating) what you desire ... this is an advanced awareness and access that can allow you to shift your "train of thought" in the backdrop of your life to a new level of Love and Awareness and Presence ... Breathe completely ... deeply ... with love and awareness of the Gift of Life that You have been Blessed with ... and notice how deeply you are able to experience and focus in on the Unconditional Love that You Are ... You are a Precious Gift to this world!!! You are here to Live Your Love into Being and change what is possible for all of Life!  ENJOY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Jyoti

I Love You.

Two New Videos for You Beloved Precious One!!! Please stay in touch with me as we unfold this New Year Together!!

Dearest Beloved Precious Magdalena!

Here is Your New Encoded Video ... Please send me an update on how You are feeling and all that is perceptibly new! This Video is encoded deeper than all previous Videos to work in a direct and comprehensive way!

When You experience this video for the first time ... 

1. As You get ready to play your video Please Speak these words "I fully receive Divine Healing, Miracles, and Infinite Love encoded within this video, on all levels, through all space and time."

2. Please have water next to You (As You play your video your water will be encoded with healing frequencies that will support you on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually! It also produces INSPIRATION that comes from within You ... smiling ... looking forward to see what this sparks for You!!!) You can drink it all at once after your video, or you can sip it as you are inspired. You can continue to charge and encode Your Water this way every time You experience Your Video!

3. Give Your Self a Hug ... (Its me (smiling) and the Divine Eternal Love of the Universe here to Embrace You ... Strengthen You and Restore Your Blissful Beautiful Precious Life of Inspiration ... Awe, Wonder, Magic, and ....  )


Here in Love and Devotion to You and Your Glorious Radiant Life!



Beloved Precious Magdalena ... I have deeply encoded this Video for You with so much Love and so much Healing ... we are now accessing a whole new level of your healing progress right now ... I would also like to invite you to pay particular attention to your Precious Beautiful Self during this upcoming full moon on Halloween! Write ... allow words or doodles to spill onto paper ... Take time just for You ... take time to listen to Your Heart ... to just feel ... Allow and Welcome ALL Feelings and Emotions ... many emotions may be surfacing as we deep dive into clearing your Soul Constellations over this time! Welcome everything that emerges now ... whatever feelings arise ... just allow them to be felt fully without any story or identity attached ... allow the waters to move through and cleanse ... ( we are moving into the Miraculous Life You are Destined to Live ... all that emerges now is doing so to clear Your Way FREE!!) 

Please drink lots of extra water with added minerals (cell food or trace minerals or little granules of Sea Salt to your liking) if possible all day long ... You can do this on a schedule if you wish or just make sure you are drinking more water during these next few weeks ... Please gather a gallon or large jug for water and charge your water with the Video below ... this video is encoded to produce a special Personalized Healing Infusion of Miracle Water for You Now ... all You do is have your water with you when you experience your Video ... This sufficiently charges Your Water into Miracle Healing Water for You!

ADDITIONALLY: Before Bed each night starting 2 days before the full moon, on the full moon, and the two days following the full moon (5 days total) Please drink a mixture of the following things in Organic Concord Grape Juice (preferably not from concentrate)  before bed with a glass of Miracle Water beside you while you sleep ... 

Please add equal amounts of: 

1.Bentonite Clay powder / liquid, 2. Charcoal powder, 3. DE Diatomaceous Earth mixed in a comfortable serving (1/2 cup or more/less to your linking) of Concord grape Juice. Drink before bed. Make sure you are extra hydrated, as this mixture is quite powerful and requires extra water to flush the old out and make way for the NEW! (amounts: Follow Your Body's Intuition on how this feels ... I personally use between a teaspoon of each, up to a tablespoon of each depending upon what my body feels - follow your intuition) This is a powerful detoxifier of the physical ash of the release of soul constellations ... it tastes amazing and helps clear up the static in all areas of your Life ... it amps up Your True Vibration and Essence! You are a Magical Miraculous Beautiful Precious Being of LOVE ... here for such a profound Purpose! I am so Honored to be with You and witness You through this Magical Time!

Please let me know if You have any questions .... and please send me frequent updates so I can more accurately gauge how you are emotionally and mentally experiencing the changes unfolding ... this gives me extra access into your daily life experience of thoughts-emotions-feelings-identities-scerios, etc... I may not respond to your emails with an email reply ... however when I am guided by Your Spirit ... I will ... And, when I receive your email updates ... I go straight into Your Spirit and adjust and create ease and clear whatever emerges to be set free! Make sense? I LOVE YOU!!! I AM WITH YOU!! 

August Encoded Healing Video with LOVE for You Precious Magdalena!!! (BELOW!)

Please send me an update !!

 I also want to INVITE You (and your children!) to RECEIVE this Saturday's 8/8 LIVE HEALING @ 11:11amPacific time !  If You would like to Receive ... Please send me an email @ and I will send you instructions!! I would LOVE your feedback after the Session to share with others!!! 



(This Video below was created and uploaded in June 2020 at the Beach in Encinitas California!) Encoded Love and Healing Video for Precious Beloved Magdalena!

Please stay in touch as this one also includes 

An extra Destiny Activation of Light and Healing that facilitates greater immediate healing!!

April 2020 Healing Love and Bliss for You Precious One!! 

Special Gift ... Healing Audio Frequencies also coming for You this month or next!! (as soon as I get them correctly calibrated just for You and your Family!!)

I LOVE You!!! Please stay in touch and let me know what is happening, how your experience and healing are unfolding ... and any challenges you face!

Our First Healing Transmission on the Solstice ...

I Love You!

Beloved Precious One .... This Video is Deeply Encoded for You ... Please stay in touch and tell me how you are ... I LOVE YOU!!! 

Here ... In Love and Devotion to You,



Beloved Precious Magdalena ... Here is a little Video for You ... with LOVE! 

Please stay in touch with email updates so that I know how you are experiencing Life and Your Healing! I just gained access to upload new videos to my site! ENJOY!!

Password to this video: MAGDALENA

Here is another Special Encoded Healing Video with LOVE and Healing for You!

Healing ... Love and Miracles for You Precious Magdalena!

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