**In order to RECEIVE this Awakening Activation and Transmission - You must be of Sound Emotional and Mental Health! This Awakening Transmission will change Your Life and upgrade your Reality. Things in your current life WILL CHANGE. You must be prepared to allow for Grace to take the Lead of Your Life ... through Your Awakened Heart .. It happens and begins here!

Its my Birthday 9-9-17!

You are My Family ... 

I invite You to join me in a Powerful Awakening Activation

I want to Celebrate this Special Day with You ...And there are more special ways to Give and Receive!

See below ... there is a great deal to receive and participate in

FREE Next Level Awakening Activation: New Life-New Beginning! ... (You can also choose to Love and Support Me with a GIFT from Your Heart! I will share my updated wishlist after registration!) This Activation will take place On my Birthday 9-9-17 at 9:09am PST (Pacific Time) - This Activation will be SILENT ... and free from any electronics, recordings, any medium of transmission, other than LOVE broadcast directly to You!

At 9:09am I will have my toes in the sand, on the beach in north San Diego County with my babies Elijah and Bella ... Broadcasting Directly to You for as long as Inspired and Sourced! 

You will receive my Ocean of Love ... which I share with You from a Sacred New Beginning this 48th Year carries into my Life and DNA! I am Blossoming into a Whole New Life  ... Are you ready for a fresh start too? You can also receive the Gift of a Fresh New Start in Joining me! 
Will You Please ... Open to the AMAZING Life ahead this year ... and beyond!?? This Opens and Quickens Your Awakening beyond Consciousness in this life. From here, everything unfolds in Higher Octaves of Possibilities for You individually, as well as for humanity as a whole. 
As You Awaken Beyond Consciousness, You create a Wave of Possibility for others to access, it creates ease and grace and flow for those you will never even meet... and many that you will. The real time Group Activation Value of this is $1111! 

** (This New Life Birthday Awakening Activation will be available for You for a whole 12 months! ... so will your opportunity to Bless me in my/our New Year!) Just like my Eclipse Awakening Activation! ... If you have not yet received the Eclipse Activation You can still sign up and Immediately receive it broadcast directly to You ... free from any media! You can find it HERE AWAKENING TRANSMISSION!

If You are INSPIRED from LOVE ... and Desire to Give to me from Your Heart ...  PayPal.me/jyotilove or see my wishlist after signing up!

From My Grateful Inspired Heart

Win a $5555 Month of Jyoti's Miracle Presence 24/7!!!

For my Birthday I am Opening a


Win a $5555 Month of Jyoti 24/7!!!

Send me Your Heartfelt, real life experience of Your Healing, Transformation, and Miracles that You have experienced, received, both short and long term ... since meeting me, working with me, or even just discovering and experiencing my free videos ...

Please send a video, or audio, or written heartfelt experience (with your photo ... I want to See You!) of my Life's Love and Work ...

I will choose my MOST FAVORITE ONES and GIVE the winners a FREE Month of My Miraculous Love and Support! A Value of $5555 seriously!!

Please send your Videos, Messages, Photos, Audios to: 
riverofmiracles@gmail.com ... BIRTHDAY VIDEO CONTEST! as the subject!

A Divine Opportunity for SEVA

A Divine Opportunity for SEVA

Selfless Service

SEVA ... did you know that I actually LIVE SEVA ... Every Day! I help MANY (thousands!) who absolutely cannot afford to pay anything for my Focused Miracle Support, Love, and Devotion. Additionally, there are many who are waiting, as I am full to overflowing with people needing help ... and there are even more who are not feeling worthy enough to request my support or to actually receive what they need/desire at all!
Because of this ... I am offering You the opportunity to:

  • Pay it forward for someone who cannot afford to receive my in-depth support, yet REALLY NEEDS it... so I can continue to serve at this level ... and increase my Service, while also Being Supported!
  • SEVA Selfless Service to my Life's Miracle Work, my Precious tiny Family, and my Life. Your SEVA can make all the difference for so many through my work. And, I am now in Southern California with accessibility to many more people! We are open to filling many necessary positions: (either through direct selfless service, or financial provision for acquiring these necessary services)​​​​​​​
  • You can view our SEVA openings HERE!
Many more new opportunities to come!

Please take Precious Care of your Self and Please Join me ... Let's Celebrate and Awaken NEW LIFE Together! Beginning this Saturday 9-9 at 9:09 On the Beach Pacific Time! (ongoing broadcast available for all who sign up for 12 months!)

In Love and Devotion,

From My Grateful Inspired Heart

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