NEW 22 Day Immersion Programs!

~~~I will be Opening the Doors to MORE Immersions!~~~
AND ... there's MORE Surprises to come!

Within these 22 Day Immersion Programs ... You are given the opportunity to receive deeply, to marinate in the Love, Devotion, and BEing of Your chosen area for 22 whole days and nights 24/7 - where Magic, Miracles, and Bliss can become your Life ... Here... You can resonate, match and expand beyond where you have been before... You Tune Within and Become One with the Frequencies, Love, Devotion, and Essence of that which You are ready to become.

Toxic Energy Cleanse 22 Day Immersion! 

Restore Health, Clarity, Love, and Presence ~ Fully Embrace and Enjoy Your Life! Live at your Best! CLEAR THE WAY for your Miraculous Life to Manifest!

This is a comprehensive 22 day immersive cleanse that addresses and clears the specific causes behind all the toxic energies you experience in each aspect of your life...Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychic, Psychological, Spiritual.

CLEAR and FREE YOURSELF from all that holds you back and feels thick, dense, stuck, negative, heavy, harsh, sticky, murky, confusing, unclear, old, lacking, needing, weak, lost, lonely, draining, inaccessible, sick, unhealthy, blocking, etc...

These are illusions.... calling us back HOME to Our Center.

Meant to be evolved ... in Re-Membering Who We Are.

It is thorough experiencing these "toxic" densities that we are able to choose to Return to Who we Really Are. We Thank them ... Love them ... we are here to embrace them and therefore release our need for them. They are actually serving us ... and through these 21 days together you can feel the Blessing and Gratitude in Your experiences.

All of these "toxic" energies are actually here to restore You to Clarity, Truth, Passion, Inspiration, Abundance, Joy, Love, Miraculous Potential, and Your Unique Life's Purpose!

Toxic Energy Cleanse 22 Day Immersion

 Restore and Rejuvenate Your Cells to Vibrant Radiance!

22 Day Immersion in the Restoration and Rejuvenation of Your Luminous Radiant Love, Beauty, and Heart Presence... Nourishing the cells of your Body like nothing else! Fed from the Inner Light of Infinite Love ...

Imagine ... YOU Restored ... to Your Radiance ... Your Luminous Brilliance ... Your Magnetic Sparkly Inspired Vibrant Self ... Your Energy functioning at 100%! Rejuvenation built into the cellular information fields... taking the lead, even when life feels overwhelming and challenging!

Yes, we have all been hurt, diminished, challenged, stressed, overwhelmed, neglected, betrayed, abandoned, etc... these experiences have caused us to mistakenly function in ways that diminish our energy, derail us, and create dysfunctional, unconscious survival patterns.

This program restores and reconnects the information fields of your cells. Cellular function (and emotional function) is dependent upon access to "Quantum Blueprint Information Fields" that are either predominantly expanding/building (Love Based) or aging/destroying (fear based).

Within this 22 Day Immersion we Restore You and Rejuvenate Your Cellular information fields back into the Spaciousness of Allowing the Radiance that You Are to take the lead in your life - bypassing the need for (fear based) dysfunctional patterns, Self abandonment, betrayal, criticism, neglect... hiding your voice, magnificence and brilliance, shrinking, comparison with others, competition/achievement to prove your worth, sexiness/goodness to prove your "lovability," Martyr complex and lesser forms of expression to feel connected, etc... This also opens the way for effortless elimination of unconscious survival strategies that keep you functioning on a fraction of Your Radiance!

You are meant to SHINE in your Full Restored Radiance! No matter the challenges you face, or how your life has unfolded up until this moment. This is about Restoring you to a level of Life that you may not have even experienced yet...

Restore and Rejuvenate Vibrant Radiance 22 Day Immersion


INNOCENT PERCEPTION = the KEY to Living MIRACLES Daily! Within this 21 Day Immersion, you will be enveloped within the stream of Your unique and dynamic vision of Innocent Perception. When you see the world from this perspective, it bypasses the ego's normal stories and filters and gives you access to Your Own Intuition and Inner Knowing of all that is most expansive for You and those you love.
Innocent Perception is the One factor that changes everything in your life Miraculously and dramatically. No longer are you a seeker ... You are Deeply and Purpose-Fully Found within the Heart of Your Own Innocent Perception. This is what allows me to BE Who I Am in this world. Everything you experience is uplifted to the Vision of Love through the eyes of Innocent Perception. This vision strengthens You, and gives you the inborn ability to be a GIFT in this world to all who are upon your path of impact.

Innocent Perception 22 Day Immersion

The Miracle Heart Activation

This 22 Day Immersion Opens, Activates, and Expands the Sacred Miracle Heart function in your life. Your Miracle Heart is a Divine Gateway and Domain of experiencing Life from the expansive Knowing and Bliss of the Sacred Heart. Things look and feel perceptively renewed within this embodied Powerful Experience. This is our most popular 22 Day Immersion ever. It has changed more lives than any other!

YES! I am ready to Receive My Miracle Heart Activation!

Miracle Heart Activation Immersion