Feel the Energy?

"Dear Jyoti,
You are assisting me - now and always.  I feel perfectly safe with what you do for me. I can feel the light, I close my eyes and I am right  there -nothing more needed -  just floating  with the energy and resting in my bed.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!"
Embrace Greta

Vienna Austria May 14-16, 2010

Our first seminar adventure...110 beautiful participants
Activating Potentials, Expanding Possibilities and Accessing our most powerful resource for Transformation, Healing and Permanent Change!

"Dearest Jyoti!
Thank you so much for your wonderful seminar in vienna and your great energy!
In the seminar when you did a group healing and when you asked us who had pain, to release us from it. I mentally called in my friend to join us and receive your transformational energie. She had an amazing experience - not even being present, just by thinking of her while you were helping us seminar participants, she was able to receive healing! Amazing!
Thank you also specially for accepting to do a session to my friend barbara (with the operation in the back), she was very impressed by you! I really knew it was so important for her to see you and get into your healing field.
So I am looking forward very much seeing you again in Vienna."

"Hi Jyoti! Thank you so much for your help! I am doing much better with my back. I also did some healing work inspirited by you and it worked very good, I want to learn more!!!!
Tell me as soon you know your dates you come to Vienna.
Love and Light, Raphael"

"Dear Jyoti,
First of all THANK YOU. I learned a lot from you, especially it "brought me to" to clear my mind about what I do and how to go on with my own work and life. I am clear now and I deeply honour your way of living your truth and your love - and I deeply honour my way of being here on this planet. You uplift us and inspire us and provide access directly to our own power."
Love, Greta

"Dear Jyoti,
After your healing in the seminar, I felt really without pressure and with much joy inside.
I enjoyed the seminar very much. I had no expectations, so I could see, what the seminar will bring to me.
In your seminar the energie in the room was quite high and I enjoyed that. Your explanations about spirit, the soul, all that was interesting for me. You used other words, other pictures. All this helps me, to get a better understanding of the spiritual world. I liked the way, how you explain things and how you show, that living is so easy.  Interesting for me was also, that you can remember so many things, when you were young, that was surprising for me.
Best regards"

"Dear Jyoti, Thank you for all!
I am so grateful for what happened the last days and how I feel now and that my brother is better as well, I am thankful for my life, for my family, for all and now I understand deeply what it means "perfect timing for all".My Love & Appreciation to you! Yours, Rosemarie"


Bella and I in our International feet...standing in AWE and JOY and CELEBRATION of YOU Precious One! 

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