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In all of my Offerings ... Less is More

Less Work
Less Stress
Less Doing

Just Relax, Knowing I have your back ...


I offer many different Levels of Support Based upon Price.

My work Varies from $555-$9999 Depending upon Intensity and Frequency of Connection.

I often offer a Random Special Inspired Program for $111

Here ... Transformation Happens Rapidly and Naturally ... In Grace, Ease, Flow

Truly unlike anything ... 

Miracles and Transformation Begin
... Here Now ...

Jyoti's Life Transformational Programs

*Light Infusion Downloads:
Light Infusion Downloads are very popular, as they give you a nearly IMMEDIATE BOOST of Access and Experience, even without completing a Private Session (In Sessions, we permanently heal Soul Constellations, the CAUSE of all limits in your life). These are usually most people's first choice who wish to experience an expansion NOW and are preparing for a Private Session. $555

Money: Living Abundance
Love: Self Love
Love: Partnership
Effortless Success
Vibrant Health
Deep Rest Reset
Peace Portal

Light Infusion Downloads
*Morning Light Awakening Meditation 
Be Held, Nourished, Enveloped, Encoded by the Rising Sun's Morning Awakening Light ... This Light is an Awakener beyond Consciousness into Self Awareness ...Opening You to Magical Internal Spirit Revelations impossible without the Field of Resonance created by the Ultimate Love of Your Spirit. Your Spirit is fed by the Light of our Sun... Opening us to Miracles beyond imagining! This program is powerful and effortless ... as the Sun in this experience is a Portal of Miracles! Click here to open our Morning Light Awakening Meditation! $555/month (Silent Every morning!)

Morning Light Awakening Meditation

*Magic Mojo ... Embody Your Possibilities! 
This can change everything!

Can You even begin to imagine what might be possible for You ... within in this 30 Day Adventure? This is for YOU if You are wildly ready for the DIVINE OPENING of what is Possible for You, that you have not even known!
ANYTHING can Happen Here... Dream Big, Open and Allow the YES of Your Childlike Wonder Magic and Awe! 

This is a Wildly UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY! We have created and perfected a monthly immersive resonance Field where You commune with the High Level Magical Possibilities of Your Unique Spirit, being witnessed by mine and Opened to Magical and Miraculous New Life possibilities. This is cutting edge WILD ...Beyond the mind consciousness access where you experience being held within a field of Wonder, Mystery, Miracles, and Grace of Your Spirit Possibilities for Magical Life ... and more 24/7 for one month or up to 12 consecutive months. This could be a Year of Magic and Miracles for You in Radical unpredictable ways! This is also a wonderful Segway into a Private Session (where we release the Deep Soul Constellation programs active in the timeline of your Life's unfolding.) Just after Your PayPal YES, I will Open this 30 Day Silent Embodiment Field where you are given access to the inner and outer Possibilities that exist now for You. This is a Silent Direct Field that surrounds you for the duration of the length you choose.
$1111/month of Bliss!
Magic Mojo - Month of Possibilities

*Embodiment Downloads
Healing and Accessing Life from the Future You! Here, you can activate and download the experience Activating Your Spirit's Magical Beyond this world Abilities, Experiences, Potentials, and Command over the conditions of your Life. If You are ready to experience a unique and Powerful ACTIVATION from Your Spirit ...  Activations accelerate Your access, abilities, competency, and more ... opening You to NEW LIFE EXPERIENCES ... effortlessly. Activations are inherent latent abilities that You have, and that Your Spirit opens to you in your own unique and perfect way once Activated. Your experience will be different and unlike anyone else, as Your Spirit is the holder of your embodiment of these sacred access qualities and experiences for you. Here, there are many to choose from ... with the option of a Custom Activation!  Delivered in an Encoded  Video for You - to Activate Your chosen Area of LIFE! $2222 or $3333 for Custom

  • Miracle Particle Awareness 
  • Love Awareness
  • Bliss Awareness 
  • Innocent Perception 
  • Childlike Wonder
  • Creative Genius Innovation 
  • Art Ability and Access
  • Musical Ability and Access
  • Custom Magic!
Embodiment Downloads

*21 Day Immersion Programs  
Be held in a 21 Day Immersion resonance together in your specific chosen area of life... you are attuned, activated and given inner access to hold the ability as your own. You are held by Spirit, mine and Yours until you can carry forward on your own. This happens naturally in our 21 Days together - we have many for you to choose from, and even offer Custom Immersions. You can receive your Miracle Heart Activation here, which now has added levels. This has been the most powerful and popular Immersion for those wishing to Open the Miracle Heart from within! IN all 21 Day Immersions You are held within a space of 21 Days and Nights 24/7, marinating in the New Realities that become part of Your Life Experience in Effortless ease, grace and flow. We are also bringing back Perfect Weight Manifestation Immersion and much more ... $3333
  • Miracle Heart Activation Immersion Levels I, II, III, IV, V
  • Perfect Weight Manifestation Immersion
  • Bliss Immersion
  • Living Abundance Immersion
  • Self Nourishment Immersion
  • Youthening Immersion
  • Body Tweak Immersion
  • Awakening Intimacy, Vitality, Love Communion in Intimate Partnership 
  • Divine Mother Love Immersion
  • Toxic Energy Cleanse
  • Innocent Perception
  • Vibrant Radiance 
21 Day Immersions



Where You Transform Without Cognitive Processing, Working On Oneself, Or Self-Improvement ...
Here,Transformation Happens Naturally And Effortlessly For You In Each 30 Day Period Together. 
Jyoti Holds You And Works Specifically And Silently With You Each Morning And Evening For 30 Days And Holds The Resonant Field For You Each 24 Hours Together To Awaken, Heal, Transform, Grow, And Expand All Without Effort! AMAZING! (Similar to a Silent Distant Private Session, with less communion 1:1 with Jyoti)
Miracle Support Month with Jyoti

Jyoti's 1:1 Sessions

Private Intensive Sessions with Jyoti:
Private Soul Constellation Session $4444

Custom In Depth Spirit Session $5555
Emergency Session (Opens Now with an Encoded Video Page, Plus Live Support) $8888
Live Skype Session with Jyoti (usually same day!) $9999

Jyoti 1:1 In Depth 30 day Immersions:

  • Spirit Immersion: Awakening  
  • Deep Dive Whole Life Transformation 
  • End of Life Release and Completion: Returning to Spirit Source, beyond astral plane - VITAL for end of Life!
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation - Give Birth to Your Genius Path of Miracles and Abundance, Aligned with Your Spirit 
  • Life Purpose  and Mission Alignment - Find Your Clear Path!
  • Custom Intensive Support 
  • Custom Family Support
30 Day Immersions with Jyoti 1-12 Month Intensives