Life Work, Devotion and Miracles of Jyoti

In all of my Offerings ... Less is More.

Simply Receive.

I offer Levels of My Miraculous Support. My work Varies from Free-Donation-Love ... and $555-$9999 Depending upon Intensity of 24/7 Connection, and Direct Access to me and the many Gifts of My Life's Work of Miracles.

Here ... Transformation Happens Miraculously ... In Grace, Ease, Flow

This expression isn't something I chose to "do" in this Life. It Is Who I Am, naturally. 
Every day is an opportunity to BE it in new and varied opportunities.
Like meeting You here now.

Truly unlike anything ... 

New ... Levels of Access to Jyoti's Far Reaching Infinite Love and Healing:

Level 1 - Base of the Pyramid of Your Life - Specific Struggles, Challenges

Level 2 - Middle of the Pyramid of Your Life - Beginning to Awaken, Clearing of Causal Conditioning, Specific Healing

Level 3 - Top of the Pyramid of Your Life - Whole Life Transformation, Intensive Healing, Awakening, Deep Causal Conditioning Clearing

Level 4 - Beyond the Structure ... Awakened Being, Beyond Consciousness. Living Awake, BE-ing a Living Expression of Embodied Presence, Transformation, and Love

Think Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. And Beyond.

**None of us are immune to the challenges of Life.
The Challenges that inevitably land upon our life path are not within our "control" ...
What IS in our control is our Response, and our Ability to show up in 
Our Powerful Vulnerability and... asking for the support we need, when we need it. 
Life is not a destination.
It is an unfolding Now ... 
We have the option of choosing from our Free Will ... stories we believe and tell, or Life of Infinite Experience we Embrace unconditionally free from story ... Living in the ever present, ever unfolding now.

And, any of us at any time, may find life Experience at the "base" level one, even after we experience consistently living at level three ... 

Join in and RECEIVE where You Are now ... Receive Miraculous Support, Free Your Self into Being ... Living and Breathing Freely ... as the Unique, Precious, Radiant You, that ONLY YOU can BE!

Level One: Specific Healing Support

For when we struggle with physical, mental, emotional, health, and specific challenges and needs.

  • "I am experiencing many challenges in my life."
  • "I have health challenges." 
  • "I need healing."
  • "I need Emotional Support."
  • "I need Love."
  • "I need Real Friends."
  • "I have life challenges." 
  • "I have challenges with money." 
  • "I have challenges with relationships." 
  • "I have challenges with family." 
  • "I have mental and emotional challenges."
  • "I need specific support and healing."
If any of these are You .. You are likely experiencing many challenges and they may be very specific. You have tried many things, and still you are suffering. You may have received diagnosis from doctors and health professionals, yet have not experienced relief. Or you may not have anything that has a name ... just a knowing that you are not living at your level of Truth, Health, Life. You may be financially struggling. You may be working too hard for not enough money. You may be working on self improvement and self healing, and Law of Attraction and positive thinking, and seeming to make some progress, yet not really.

You have come to the right place! There is Vast, Miraculous, Mysterious Support for You here! 

Free from "working on yourself"
Free from "learning new strategies"
Free from "tools, techniques, and systems"
Free from "time needed for healing"

Here, Healing happens Immediately ... at the Root Cause ... which evaporates the experience, usually instantly.

Level One Healing with Jyoti
$555 - $1111

Level One Healing

  • You may require more than One Point of Access to Healing the whole causal structure.
  • You may repeat this Level of Healing as many times as you wish or need, for various specific experiences.
  • Some Causes have many points of origin. In this case, deeper access is needed to release ALL.
  • In purchasing, you are agreeing to the terms of use of this website.

  • Level Two: Life Transformation and Depth Healing

    Deep Causal Healing ~ Whole Life Transformation ~ Spark to Awakening 

    "I Know I am meant for something special in this Life."
    "I have done a great deal of self help."
    "I am a Spiritual Person."
    "I am ready to go deeper."
    "I am ready to let go and move into a New Life." 
    "I am a Lightworker, Starseed, Change Agent, Healer, Visionary, Entrepreneur."
    "I have tried all the tools, techniques, and methods out there and I still feel stuck, minimal progress."
    "I know I have something Special to do in this world, I just don't know how to access it."
    "I am feeling complete with many aspects of my life and ready for something new."
    "I am open hearted, compassionate, empathic, and I am unsure how to use my Gifts."
    "I am at a Life Crossroads, and ready to deep dive into something New."
    "I am ready to Embrace my Full Potential."
    "I am ready to finally Heal the Limits on my Life."
    "I feel, see, intuit, know, there is more to life than this, and I am ready to embrace it."
    "I am ready to heal whatever is holding me back from my next level."
    "I am in a space where I am ready for transformation of the things that 'I don't even know that I don't know' limiting my freedom."
    "I Believe in Miracles."
    "I want to Believe in Miracles."
    "I have an awareness of my Self."

    In this Level ... We Dive into Your Life Healing and Transformation Together. This is where my In Depth Comprehensive Sessions begin. When we embark upon this Level of Access Together, we stay connected 24/7 in Active Session until the completion of this level of  Transformation occurs. I remain attuned to You and I am constantly alerted (day and night) By Your Spirit  to your Soul Constellations as they surface. As they surface to be witnessed, seen, and loved free ... we permanently release the depths of their causal level influence on your life and are released forever. Soul Constellations are star constellation like clusters of interwoven patterns, layers, and depths of discord, wounds, limitations, traumas, conditioning, karma, genetic dispositions, fears, reactions, perceptual lenses that do not allow new perspective, and keep you stuck in repeating dysfunctional patterns.

    When they are released, Your Soul is then opened to greater and greater Spaciousness and Presence of Your Spirit to shine through into Your Human Life experience. .. creating and opening to Potentials for your life that simply did not exist before. You may experience radical and fundamental transformation in vast arenas of your life experience. The changes usually happen so radically and instantly that your conscious mind cannot track the changes and collapses into "yes, it has always been this way."  You can access more, You can live more freely, You have more awareness, you begin to Awaken beyond consciousness, life troubles and patterns are no longer the center of your life's focus, You are more abundant, Money and Life Supports are more graceful and easy. This begins a radical New Life experience.

    Level Two Transformational Healing

    Level Three Opening 

    In Depth Immersion in Healing, Transformation, and Opening the Space of Awakening Beyond Conditioning:

    Here ... we embark upon a Depth Experience and Embodiment of Healing, Awakening, Refining Your Life Experience into the Purpose for Your Being. Here, things begin to "make sense" from the Un-Story ... the Opening and Awakening beyond "story" into Presence ... here now... with everything that IS ... Opening the experience of BE-ing in the midst of old stories ... Awakening Beyond Story .. and Awakening to the True Nature of Life and Presence and Beingness here, now. Embodied Experiential Awareness. Awake to so much more than we had the capacity to hold and experience before.

    Here are a few options to begin ... however, it is preferred we make a connection to Open the most Expansive way for You.

    • Spirit Immersion: Awakening  
    • Deep Dive Whole Life Transformation 
    • End of Life Release and Completion: Returning to Spirit Source, beyond astral plane - VITAL for end of Life!
    • Entrepreneurial Innovation - Give Birth to Your Genius Path of Miracles and Abundance, Aligned with Your Spirit 
    • Life Purpose  and Mission Alignment - Find Your Clear Path!
    • Custom Intensive Support 
    • Custom Family Support
    30 Day Immersions with Jyoti 1-12 Month Intensives

    Level Four: Awakening Beyond Consciousness

    A w a k e n i n g 

    Living an Awakened Self Aware Experience as Life... Where You are fully able to witness all Life unfolding from the space of Pure, Full, Clear Embodiment of Unconditional Love and Unconditional Awareness.

    By Invitation Only.

    This Level is an Epic Opening ... where you have experienced many Life experiences in Preparation for this Awakening Adventure. Many times this space is gained through the experience of great pain, trauma, suffering, loss, or ongoing Difficult Life Circumstances and Conditioning of Limitations ...  that we arrive in a space of ripened readiness to Finally Awaken beyond Our Consciousness and Conditioning entirely.

    This Level is where we are Free ... 
    Freed beyond the circumstances, stories, limitations, burdens, traumas, challenges of Life ... having an "impact" upon us ... We are free in the Love that we Are, in the Callings of our Heart of Service and clear to Be exactly as we are in any given moment.

    We feel unified, in communion with all of Life.

    Free from need.

    Open to Love ... as Love.

    Expressing our Innate Essence in Waves of Expression and Experience.


    Knowing from Our Source ... Who We Are and Where and how we are needed to Serve and Love Free ... Life.

    We are fully Embodied within this world experience, yet not "of" it.