Miracle Healing Temple 

Candle Light Prayer Vigil

Beloved ... Come. Join Us. Claim Your Space in the Miracle Temple.  

Our Miracle Healing Temple Awaits and Welcomes You ... 

Here, we hold a Sacred Space of Light, Prayer, Singing Bowls, Love, Supernatural Love and Healing Presence to hold, comfort, nurture, support, heal, and Open the way for Miracles to Expand and Touch You in your Life.

When you claim your Healing Space in Our Miracle Temple through the purchase of Your candle and Support ... we Light Your Candle and open the way for Miraculous Blessings, Miracles, Healing, Comfort, Peace, and Love ... meeting you in your current needs right now. 

Here, You can let go and Be at Peace. Be held in Heart Space ... You can let go of all ideas of trying to "figure things out" or "control" what is happening.

Here... is your sacred space to surrender and be held.




Life is Here to Support You.

InfiniteLove is here to Hold You.

Miracle Temple Prayer Vigil

Important Note:

As soon as we receive your PayPal, 

We Light Your Candle at 5pm PST the day of your order ...  Prayers go out to You immediately upon payment, and the Blessings begin instantly. 

If you purchase candles for Yourself, You will receive immediate support. 

If you purchase candles for others as a gift, Your Beloved Ones will receive Immediate Support too.  

Each 24 Hour Prayer Candle will burn for 24 hours

Each 48 Hour Prayer Candle with burn for 48 hours


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