Your Special 1/4 PRICE Session with Jyoti!

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What happens in a Session with Jyoti?
A Session with Jyoti is the most powerful, innovative, immediate, direct access  to Life Transformation and Evolution of Consciousness known at this time. In a Session with Jyoti... You spontaneously and naturally Live from a Larger, more expanded foundation of Self. Previous blocks and limitations of consciousness (and therefore experience and choice) are naturally and effortlessly released from the blueprint of your Soul. This opens the way for You to Live FREE from the limitations, wounds, suffering, challenges and blocks that had eliminated options of choice in your life.

Choices, Potentials and previously unconscious Options open to you that were not part of your life’s possibilities before. When Jyoti Masterfully clears your soul constellations of limitation, Your Life fundamentally alters in exponential ways... Opening You to Live your Greatest most treasured Heart’s Desires.

You are now here to expand Love in your own Unique way in this world... with more (and continuous) Expansion of what is possible for You! This makes it possible to really LIVE the GIFTS You feel driven, inspired and passionate to bring into the world!

And... the whole world is awaiting Your Genius, Your Passion and Your Gifts to be experienced and expanded into our lives!

You are here to make a difference! We need You!

You do not need to focus upon anything or “do” anything during our Session together. You literally cannot block it, mess it up, or limit it in any way. This is because the level we are working with is far beyond the reach and impact of the mind, and your “thoughts” cannot “attract” at this level. (In fact, the LOA and all the regurgitated “information” on the mind and how our thoughts are responsible for creating the life we experience is simply WRONG! Read more about this here!) - coming soon!

In a Session together, I do not work “in time” - unless you are super focused upon “needing” to have specific time that you wish to relax and sink into all that I am assisting you with. Although this is not essential, it may be important for you. In this case, I am now offering a Session that you can book on time-trade and I will work with you at the specific time that you request. It does cost more, as I am a “timeless Being” and do not usually flow in time schedules, I will do this for you if needed. During your specific time, You can lay down with a glass of water and a bottle of water, as well as paper and pen (or markers!) During our Session, You may feel many things while I remain Present with You for 60 minutes, silent and distant, without any technology interference. *note! This is not a phone, skype, or email Session .. I go deep into the space beyond time and work directly with Your Soul and SPirit at the chosen time for you to experience and connect up with me!

Fundamental Transformation, Miraculous Healing, and New Possibilities and Potentials are only possible through clearing the Constellations of limitations in your very Soul. Your Soul is the blueprint from which your entire life is made manifest. Your thoughts are derivative from your belief systems, your belief systems are contained within your soul, in the form of soul constellations. We do not need to “focus” on our beliefs, or even “discover” our beliefs in order to “release” them. This misguided attempt to “change your beliefs” to “change your life” is ultimately ineffective... this is because in the world of form, everything is made manifest in our lives through a resonant frequency. When you “release, change or replace” a belief of a specific resonant frequency, (in the world of Quantum Physics, the entire world is vibration in harmony with YOU LIVING and BREATHING that frequency in the world. When You release it, another limitation of that same frequency is automatically and immediately replaced in another area of your life, causing more limitations for You, this time, quite likely in another parallel area of your life! This is why people tell you that life is a “school” and that You have lessons to learn ... UNTRUE, at least at the level I live from and witness every single day.

The Soul is what accumulates and stores karma, beliefs, limitations, fears, patterns from this lifetime, other lifetimes, other life forms, bloodline karma and limitations, etc... these patterns (as I see them - Soul Constellations) are what set up the universe of your entire life’s potential and  control what is possible for you to experience through unconscious soul constellation programs.

In even just One Session with Jyoti ... Witness in reverence the transformation of Your Life!
A Session with Jyoti is a Life Altering experience, bypassing the need for years of “healing work” counseling, self help, endless seeking, etc... A Session with Jyoti Streamlines Your Life in Alignment with Your Spirit and Your True Expanded Life Miracles! I can’t wait to see what You will Live and Blossom and Create in your Life, and our world!

Session Options:
Private Session, usually completed within 48 hours. $2222

7 Day Intensive Session, I stay connected with You continuously for 7 days and nights. $3333

14 Day Intensive Session, I stay connected with You for 14 days and nights. Very Powerful and Life changing! Not for the faint of heart! $4444

How do I know which kind of Session I need?
You Know. Your Heart Knows. Your Heart always Knows what is most expansive and Supportive for You. This is the closest vibrational space you have to your Infinite Self. Your INfinite Self exists as Love and Light in eternity and lives through and beyond your form. Your Heart is your portal, gateway, and access to the Clear Knowing of Your Spirit...

Close your eyes... place your hands upon your Heart... Welcome a nice deep breath ... allow your lungs to consciously fill and then naturally release .. feel your hands being lifted along with your expanding chest ... feeling your Beautiful Heart center as it expands and thanks you for being here now ...  consciously ... allow a big, refreshing, clearing breathe to enter your lungs ... feel the breath now coursing through your body by way of your amazing circulatory system ... from your Heart center into every cell of your body ... allow your breath and newly refreshed life particles to course through your body... clearing into lightness ...

When You feel clear and light ... ask your Heart center ...
“Which Session is most supportive for me now?”

If you are still unsure, email me here and I will let you know which Session I feel will best support You now.

What Can I Expect To Get Out Of My Session with Jyoti?
Your life will change and transform in multiple ways, immediately and also over the unfolding moments, weeks, months and years that follow. As Your particular Soul Constellations are cleared, this opens you to live beyond the limits of your previous life. Your limitations and ceilings of possibilities are magically released, as they are simply no longer needed. You simply and naturally no longer vibrate in tune with energies that withhold, limit, and eliminate choices in your consciousness and in your global life. New Options, Possibilities, Potentials, and Higher Level Choices naturally and magically become your daily life. This process is so natural that you may not even notice how expanded You are. In fact, the linear mind in many cases cannot register or even begin to understand that Transformation that just took place, so it (being your faithful servant) just carries on as if this has ALWAYS been the way it is. And the result is YOU Unlimited, More Free, capable of experiencing the fulfillment of your Heart’s Desires as Your life.

Now, if you are focused upon a very specific outcome - be prepared to be OPENED far beyond what Your mind has the ability to comprehend, understand, and even perceive.

Let me explain ... Your mind has many ideas and stories about what is “wrong” with you, or your body, or your life, and it also has strong fixed ideas about what needs to be fixed in order for you to be “happy.”

The mind comes up with endless stories and seeming solutions that are born from personal past traumas, painful experiences, and even from places that are far beyond your consciousness. The mind holds detailed stories, traumas, experiences that lead to deeply ingrained stories about you,  who you are, your life, your limitations, your worth, your lovability, what is possible for you, how you have been hurt, and what you need.

Now, by holding onto all these stories and needs, your mind is simply trying to keep you safe and protect you. The mind does this by creating an environment of “predictability” and sameness ... so when something magical happens - you cannot register it in your consciousness, as this is outside of the frequency vibration of its lens of perception, and therefore it eliminates it as “reality” and does not even allow you to perceive it. This is the space of “I don’t even know that I don’t know” - that we access through your particular Soul Constellations.

As Your Soul Constellations are naturally aligned with Your SPirit, You will find that all kinds of new expansive thoughts, beliefs, experiences, feelings, inspirations, perceptions, possibilities and Miracles are now available to You. It is now up to YOU to Co-Create Your Life from this new space. Many people find that they are able to easily make fundamental life transitions that open what is possible - far beyond anything you may have ever even dreamt of.

This work is not about “fixing” what is wrong ... as from my perception, You are Perfect, and EVERYTHING in your Life is Perfect. IN fact, right now everything in your life and experience is in perfect harmonic balance and alignment with the entire Universe... even your experiences of pain, suffering, loss, lack, limitation, etc... This is so based upon your specific blueprint vibrations of  your SC’s that are actively engaged in creating experiences in your life within a your spectrum of polarity. The only way you can access a Higher Level of Polarity, with ever increasing NEUTRALITY, is through accessing your resonant Blueprint Frequencies and aligning them with Your Unique Spirit. This re-calibrates your balance and harmony in the Universe and allows you to live at higher and higher levels of Joy, Love, Bliss, and Neutrality.

What is a “cure” and what is “healing?”
A cure is a medical term regarding a change in specific measurable symptoms from an underlying condition, as defined by the AMA or the PDR. Medical Doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals, talk about cures from the medical perspective, prescribe specific medical protocols, treatment programs, surgery, etc...

Healing happens by way of Your Spirit, far beyond the confines and limitations of your mind. Your Spirit is the part of You that is Infinite, Beyond all space and time ... the part of you that existed before this body, and who will live on after this body. You are truly a Cosmic, Eternal Light Being of Love within a temporary experience of being Human. Within this human soul template you have soul constellations of held energies that contain the blueprint of your particular manifestation ... of all your struggles, ceilings, challenges, limitations and karma. These can now be accessed, permanently eliminated, and released through the Love Power of Your Spirit.  The Freedom and Transformation You receive in each Session is based upon what Your SPirit is granting you the ability to move beyond now, and at each successive level, layer, and depth of your Soul. Some people only need one session for their entire lives. Others know from the start they need more. And even others come back years later for the next level of evolution of their lives. You will know when you are ready for more, as Your Spirit will nudge You.

Under Your INfinite Spirit’s Loving Care, Your Healing and Transformation unfolds in the most powerful, potent, and perfect of ways - far beyond what our mind could have predicted. Thank God!

Everyone receives powerful healing and Transformation in each Session with Jyoti! Once your SC’s are released, Your life opens up in Miraculous, unpredictable ways! New possibilities and choices emerge ... new ideas and inspirations are sparked ... there is more energy ... more Love ... more expansion than you could have experienced before. You are uplifted to the next perfection of Your Life!

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